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Prayer 101

Kiddush is recited over wine or grape juice and refreshments to fulfill the commandment to remember Shabbat. Kaddish is recited at several points during services with a minyan and usually by the leader.

What is the Shema? Intro to the Most Important Jewish Prayer

However, it is associated with mourning as it recited by mourners — someone who has recently lost a close relative or is commemorating the anniversary of losing a close relative — at specific points during services. Guide for non-Jewish visitors to services. Guide for non-Jewish visitors to services We welcome non-Jewish visitors to our synagogue — whether you have an interest in interfaith or finding out more about Judaism. This class will appeal to those who want to learn about the basics of Judaism or expand on what they already know.

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People of all backgrounds and without prior knowledge are welcome. Class text "Living Judaism" by Wayne Dosick. Click here to register. This is the introduction to the Introduction!

Sephardi Complexion of Colonial-Era Synagogues

Our whole faculty will be present to offer a tasting menu of their topics. What does it mean to be a Jew? Does it matter? We will explore the practical and mystical meanings of some of these traditions.

February 6 - The Emergence of Modern Israel. Chapter 8 A brief history of the Zionist movement, the establishment of the State of Israel, the role of Israel in the Jewish psyche, and the divisive politics inside and outside the State.

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February 13 - People of the Book. Chapter 3 We will explore the Hebrew Bible, and get an overview of other classic Jewish texts. What kind of book is the Hebrew Bible? And is there a common thread that holds these texts together?

Jewish Community Center, Sonoma County - An Introduction to Judaism - Full Course Pogram

What are we trying to accomplish? Together we will explore tradition and non-traditional Jewish prayer. We will explore the cycle of Jewish holidays, particularly as it relates to agricultural and natural cycles. March 6 - A Millennium in the Life of the Jews. Fasten your seatbelts for a crash course in the migrations, movements and cultures of the Jews in the past years. Pages Mussar is a treasury of Jewish techniques, teachings, and contemplative practices that offers valuable guidance for the journey of our lives.