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That's one of Riley's strengths, his ability to get off that stuff. No one is going to get off clean and just be running down the field with no one around him for four or five yards. When the ball is up, now you have to be able to go get it. Having a guy that's pounds, it helps. In addition, to Jackson, he also kept Damaris Johhnson on the team last year, and their prized free-agent addition for this season was tiny running back Darren Sproles Alas, Johnson likely will be gone by the end of the summer, and the Eagles will continue to grow at most of their positions.

Just the way Kelly envisioned it at the start. He can't wait for his oversized squad to start beating up on some little people in Chicago when they visit the Bears for their preseason opener on Friday night. Motorists heading south on Dexter Avenue North toward downtown can no longer make right turns onto westbound Mercer.

For all we know, this might be good traffic engineering. But to implement it without asking, and to do it in reaction to a couple of accidents, reeks of arrogance and of the sort of collective punishment I remember from grade school. I must ask this city s government: What have you done for drivers lately, other than try to raise our costs and obstruct our progress? In King County, we rejected a bailout of the bus system, and in the city, it appears that we re going to reject an attempt to impose a major tax increase in the name of parks. Is it dawning on any of these people that the natives are getting restless?

If not, then it should. Charles Pluckhahn, Seattle. He has persistently come to City Hall on a regular basis to express his support and seek resolution to this intersection, City Councilor Mike Foley said of Laroche, whom he asked councilors to think about before casting their votes. I feel it s a tremendous improvement to that area to support this project, Foley said.

But there are a lot of them. The proposal came from a report done by a group of city and state officials in , not long after the accident that killed Holly Laroche. The city has been seeking funding since then. City Engineer Eric Dudley said construction could start in or Big changes in that area are coming soon. Welcome changes, he said.


The tour, which is free and self-guided, is set for 11 a. The tour will feature five remodeled homes and 14 new homes throughout Yelm, Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater. Rolf Boone: The 88 Drive-In Theater, the last drive-in in the metro area and one of seven in Colorado, sees robust crowds and stretches of cars waiting to catch a movie. That affection concerns police, who have cited numerous issues related to the theater, including traffic problems. Cell phone video titled Dangerous traffic conditions that aired at the meeting showed cars stretching from the theater, at 88th Avenue and Rosemary Street, back to Interstate 76 to the west.

An aerial view of 88 Drive-In Theater credit: CBS The city said it doesn t want to shutter the theater, but the city s attorney said that could happen. Susan Kochevar, the drive-in s owner, says the city council isn t hearing her concerns. By Monday night, she said she gathered 10, signatures that ask the city and police to stop pestering and penalizing the theater. As of Monday morning, the petition received more than 15, signatures.

I have not been listened to at all, Kochevar told the council Monday night. I have been talked at. Susan Kochevar credit: CBS But a councilwoman said the traffic caused by the theater is a safety hazard. I started wondering if we had to evacuate this drive-in, I don t believe we could have got people out in any less than 30, 45 minutes, Councilwoman Jadie Carson said. The city said it called Monday s meeting because Kochevar had repeatedly ducked meetings to discuss problems. These "Little Rascals" aren't so little anymore!

We got to travel, got to do all this cool stuff. And since we were kids, we would do things like go to a press event at FAO Schwartz. That was like the greatest thing in the world! A lot of the cast had moved to L. About four years ago we got back in touch thanks to Facebook, we all sort of found each other.

I was just putting cash away to produce this record, that was my only goal," he says of his dancing gig. It was all for the best, it was so weird. I thought no one would care! Check out the video above to see what he has to say about his time on "Full House" and if people still recognize him all these years later. The average roundtrip ticket within the U. Domestic airfare continues to outpace inflation, rising 2. Airfare has gone up The formula for rising fares seems simple, but it eluded the airlines for years: Match the supply of seats to passenger demand. All this leads to higher airfares," says Chuck Thackston, managing director of data and analytics at Airlines Reporting Corp.

And when the economy is strong, they do more flying. Data released by the government last week shows that economic growth bounced back after a brutal winter, businesses are creating jobs at a steady pace and consumer spending is on the rise. The airfare figures don't take into account the slew of fees travelers now face for checking bags, getting extra legroom, boarding early or purchasing a pair of headphones.

Baggage fees and some others were introduced in to offset losses from rising fuel prices. Passengers aren't seeing any of those savings. One reason is that airlines no longer need to entice fliers with lower fares. There are simply fewer choices today. A wave of consolidation that started in has left four U. Discount airlines such as Allegiant Air and Spirit Airlines have grown at breakneck speed but still carry a tiny fraction of overall passengers. That control of the market has enabled the bigger airlines to charge more for tickets and not worry about being undercut by the completion.

Those higher fares, in turn, have led to record profits. In April, May and June, the four largest U. Airlines are earning so much money that they are starting to pay investors dividends - something unheard of in an industry that just a decade ago was struggling with a wave of bankruptcies. Airlines for America, the industry's U.

Last month, increased fees linked to the Transportation Security Administration took effect. But taxes and government fees still remain a small portion of what passengers pay. This is the direct representation of shareholders, which are the owners of the corporation. Hartenstein s successor at the Los Angeles Times is expected to be named within weeks. It s one that I can look back on here, not only on Monday but for years to come, that speaks to the power of the various Tribune brands in their marketplace.

I salute the women and men of Tribune Co. Part of the problem is that educational achievement has stalled in recent decades. Instead, it suggests that greater access to education would help ease wealth disparities. Street artist Retna claims his fight with Brittny Gastineau was mutual As TMZ first reported, Gastineau claims her black eye is the remaining visible sign of a viscious attack in a West Hollywood hotel room 2 weeks ago. Retna's lawyer claims and Retna was defenseless -- recovering from knee surgery.

But Retna was accused of 2 other violent confrontations in the past 2 years. In late , he was charged with 3 counts of battery after allegedly going ballistic on the employees at an art gallery in L. According to one of the victims, Retna punched two of the employees in the head one of them he hit so hard it broke the pencil in his ear The case never went to trial -- but Retna was ordered to stay away from the gallery.

Then in July of , Retna allegedly harassed 2 other art gallery employees According to the restraining order, Retna ripped and destroyed paintings with knives and beer bottles. One of the employees claimed Retna tried to strangle him and made crazy threats, including this: "Next time I see you I'm going to take your TONGUE out of your mouth n wrap it around your nexk and staple ur ass to the backboard n charge the kids in the neighborhood 25 cents.

The original game is being remastered for release in early Well, sort of. Players can choose how they want to play the game -- in its classic ratio or widescreen. Along with the classic controls and mechanics, new modern controls will be added. It eventually became a best-selling title in North America, selling more than 5. That description was confirmed by a photo tweeted by another attendee. I was in awe of her, and I was just staring at her for a while, Lomas said. I freaked out and I waved at her and said, Hi, and she waved and said, Hi.

That was really cool. After one festival-goer shouted, Obama s daughter is here, lots of people tried to get a glimpse, Lomas said. Everyone was trying to get in to see her, but those Secret Service guys just formed a wall, she said. She was just saying, yeah, she was here for Chance. She said she likes Chance, Starns said. I think the Secret Service did a pretty good job. Food, music, kid-friendly activities, and visits with local law-enforcement personnel round out the celebrations.

Celebrations Tuesday, Aug. Hales Corners Park, from p. The event includes a private helicopter landing. The park is located at S. New Berlin Road. Lincoln Park at the Blatz Pavilion, from p. The park is located at W. Hampton Ave. Celebration Thursday, Aug. The park is located at N.

For more information on the National Night Out program, visit. Efforts are under way to secure new labour hire companies to take on the contracts of more than other employees at as many as 15 offices nationwide within the next few days, as the company seeks to keep the contractors at work. In the Hunter Valley, an estimated truck operators and trainees are to be transitioned to Skilled Engineering, with about 35 light vehicle trades moving across to either Skilled Engineering or WorkPac. Another 80 staff engaged on various other client sites are being moved across to other suppliers, with efforts also underway to finalise the positions of a number of supervisory staff.

The company had earlier shut its offshore operations while also moving to find a buyer unsuccessfully for its mine services arm, ResCo, based in the Hunter Valley. Late last year Bluestone installed a new chairman and chief executive as it sought to give the company a new lease of life, but its efforts failed.

The company had traded unprofitably for several years. The Supreme Court remanded it to the lower court. The Supreme Court said that Aereo was like a cable system in that it also provided a public performance. Aereo, which had argued it was not like a cable system, latched onto that and asked the Copyright Office to grant it a compulsory license. The FCC has also tentatively concluded that over-the-top services lack the facilities to qualify as MVPDs, and appears in no hurry to make the definitive call. In its emergency petition, Aereo argued that it was now clear that it was a cable system and broadcasters were unlikely to prevail in their argument that the service was illegal.

Safety Kam Chancellor and left tackle Russell Okung practiced with the team for the first time since both underwent surgery during the offseason. They will be brought along slowly with Chancellor coming off hip surgery in early spring and Okung having surgery on his left foot. Having Chancellor and Okung return to the field highlighted how few health issues the Seahawks face going into this season compared to this point last year.

Our guys had a fantastic offseason, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. They came to camp in great shape, and we are hoping to be fast and ready to go Thursday night. The Seahawks entered their first exhibition game last season with nine starters battling injuries, including receivers Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice, tight end Zach Miller and pass rushers Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril and Chris Clemons. Carroll said neither are likely to play Thursday at the Denver Broncos but they aren t expected to miss extended time.

Wagner is dealing with a hamstring injury and Smith is recovering from offseason ankle surgery. Offensive lineman James Carpenter calf was out Monday, but Carroll said he should return in the next couple of days. We know that there are a number of guys on the verge of coming back, Carroll said.

Having Harvin healthy and practicing has been a story in itself. Monday marked just over a year to the day when Harvin announced he would undergo hip surgery, forcing him to sit for all but one regular-season game last season. Harvin has been given a few off days as the Seahawks monitor his recovery, but is predominately an active participant in practices as he develops chemistry with quarterback Russell Wilson. We are trying to figure this out with these short weeks how to monitor him just right, Carroll said. He ll practice in kind of a rotation fashion in these next couples weeks.

It s really good for Russell to work with him and figure him out because he is that different from other guys. Rookie wide receiver Paul Richardson returned to practice Monday, wearing a non-contact jersey, but said he is healed from a shoulder injury. My shoulder is fine now, he said. I m full go tomorrow. Coach Carroll and the training staff are just making sure everybody is on the same page and that I m healing.

That doesn t mean the Seahawks haven t been without some injury blows. Both players also missed all of last season. Rookie receiver Kevin Norwood has missed almost a week with a foot injury. Carroll said the team is waiting for more information, but it s going to be a bit. Carroll said Lynch had a very diligent offseason routine and regiment, but isn t in the same shape as others who participated in voluntary Organized Team Activities and the first week of training camp.

We are going to take our time with him, Carroll said. We ve always been very patient with him, making sure his body is in great shape. He missed a lot of offseason with us. He did work very hard but it s still football shape he has to get in. His signing came following news second-year lineman Michael Bowie had been claimed by the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Smith was a third-round draft pick for the Miami Dolphins out of Memphis in and spent the past four seasons with the Houston Texans.

Rookie tackle Justin Britt shoulder , who returned to practice Monday, plus Alvin Bailey and recently signed nine-year veteran Eric Winston will all be in the hunt for the Seahawks starting right offensive tackle job. We want to continue to make this position as competitive as possible, Carroll said. Carroll said Bailey has a pretty good ankle sprain.

Wide receiver Phil Bates left practice with an illness, Carroll said. Rookie defensive end Cassius Marsh returned after missing last week with a groin injury. TJ Cotterill: Sprint's had on devices like the for quite some time, and now, looking to build up on that, the company's introducing its My Wireless STS feature. The new speech-to-speech service aims to help people with speech disabilities by giving them access to an operator-assisted line every day of the week and all year round. Relay Director, Michael Ellis, says is "the first in the industry to bring this service to market," and that the project was developed closely with the help of speech disabled communities.

If you're interested in learning more, there's a mighty presser waiting on you just past the break. A Speech to Speech STS operator listens to the conversation and repeats the words of the person with a speech disability to the other party. STS users can instruct the STS operator to repeat every word spoken or to simply repeat the words that are unclear. No special equipment is needed.

Our new Email Set-Up makes it easier," Ellis said. This can include information such as the number to be dialed, the name of the person being called, any special instructions and subject of the call, or anything that makes it easier for the STS user to complete the call. The new STS support toll-free number is More information about the enhanced STS features can be found at www.

Sprint also provides Captioned Telephone "CapTel" services to 31 states and the federal government. Streaming media Websites in the Fairfax Digital Network offer streaming video and audio in the Flash format. You can one for most systems including Mac OS X for free if one is not already installed on your system.


Which Speed? Our automated system will test your connection speed and send the best video stream so it plays smoothly and continuously. We produce clips in a range of speeds to deliver the best quality possible-- the better the quality the faster connection you'll need. Comments that stray from the direct subject of the article will be deleted.

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Uncivil or inappropriate comments will be deleted, as will any comment containing profanities. So Andy Dalton becomes the next quarterback to get that massive new contract, as the Cincinnati Bengals believe he is their franchise quarterback for years to come, although everything we ve seen from him in playoff time leads us to believe this is one big mistake.

Dalton is a solid regular season quarterback, who has done well behind a very good offensive line, a good running game and being helped by one of the best defenses in the NFL. However, this kind of contract puts more pressure on him than ever before. He is no longer a guy who got picked in the second round of the draft, coming out of TCU. He is now a franchise quarterback who needs to deliver for a team with very high expectations.

Before Dalton, the Bengals made the playoffs only twice in 20 years. Since Dalton became the team s starting quarterback, regardless of how much his contribution led to that success, the Bengals have gone They ve also been knocked out of the postseason on the first game in all three visits. Dalton has thrown just one touchdown pass in the three losses, throwing six interceptions in comparison. According to rumors, the deal will be very similar to the one Colin Kaepernick signed with the San Francisco 49ers. While it does yield a big pay day, it s still very team centric and revolves around bonuses.

The Bengals can see how well this goes and might part ways with Dalton if things don t progress as planned. With their ability to keep their defensive players happy while not spending too much money becoming difficult, it s time for Dalton to take the next step. However, teams are afraid of the Joe Flacco situation: The Ravens didn t come to terms with the quarterback in time and had to pay too much money after he led them to the Super Bowl. Last year didn t seem like it, and the Bengals hope that their decision to move quickly will result in success and not similar disappointment.

LG hasn't quite pulled a Samsung with its new G Pad tablet family, but it's coming by offering the slate in three different sizes: 7-, 8-, and Advertisement Mr Gaynor said it was important to tell the younger generations of the historic events which took place on their doorstep.

The SS Pfalz surrendered and was taken to Portsea before being recommissioned as an Australian troopship. RENTON Michael Bowie was no longer an option at right tackle this season once he sustained a significant shoulder injury on the first day of training camp. The latter development came as a surprise considering that Bowie had shown promise while starting eight games as a rookie in , even if he wasn't going to play this season. Coach Pete Carroll shed some light on the issue Monday, saying Bowie's weight was a factor in the team's decision to move on.

By waiving him now, though, the Seahawks avoided having to hold his roster spot for three weeks. Perhaps more importantly, they might have also sent a message as Bowie's weight was something that offensive-line coach Tom Cable back in June while discussing the competition with rookie Justin Britt.

So what was once a two-man race at right tackle suddenly looks a whole lot different with Bowie gone, veteran Eric Winston signed last week and possibly a few more players in the mix. On Monday, the Seahawks signed Wade Smith, a versatile offensive lineman and year veteran who has spent the last four seasons with Houston. Smith, 33, started all 16 games in each of the last four seasons and made the Pro Bowl in Seattle also claimed offensive tackle Cory Brandon off waivers from the Cardinals. These guys Wade in particular bring a lot of experience and tremendous flexibility.

He has started at five spots, so that kind of flexibility might fit with us. They're real good guys, and smart guys, so that helps us as we try to mold this thing together. We have flexibility in how we're going to do it. We're going to take our time figuring it out. He's not going to come back right away. It's going to be a bit. So we're just going to bring him along. He did work very hard. He had a very diligent routine that he went through and regiment that he went through, but it's still football shape that he's got to get into.

Both players had surgery over the offseason, Chancellor on his hip and Okung on his foot. Rookie WR Paul Richardson shoulder practiced in a red jersey. Pulu, an undrafted rookie from Eastern Washington, signed with Seattle after the draft and was released in June. They place a high value on the teamwork skills their players learn for success in the classroom and on the field, and we are proud to be honoring them. He is in his year career, including in 34 seasons at Central Catholic. The Vikettes have won five state titles during his tenure.

Dr Allwood suggested in the patterns of life in the Pilbara could also have happened on Mars. New technology designed by Dr Allwood allows Mars rock to be investigated down to microscopic, grain-size portions of rock. That will give the new Mars Rover a better chance to prove life existed on Mars. Dr Allwood began her geology studies at Queensland University of Technology, where she completed her Geosciences degree with honours in Abigail Allwood.

Her research proved the geology of rocky reef that formed within the Pilbara 3. It was this research that led her to be named minds by Cosmos magazine in In a media statement issued by the Australian Centre for Astrobiology in , Abigail Allwood again made the link between her Pilbara research results and possible life on Mars. That research was front page feature research in Nature, the acclaimed international science journal. Belinda said. Belinda Allwood said she went to the Pilbara with her sister while she was researching rock samples before travelling to the States to work for NASA, seven years ago.

The Rover team is calling the outcrop Pahrump Hills. It then launched the Mars Laboratory Curiosity Rover in NASA has already found that parts of Mars were and could have supported life. According to Gallup s weekly survey of economic confidence, public opinion hit a low for the year last week, and the trend has been downward since December.

There are several explanations for this. Consumer confidence is a lagging indicator that climbs and falls in response to other events. There also seems to be some politics involved, with Republicans taking a much darker view of the future than Democrats. Most of us are recovering from not just the Great Recession, but also decades of stagnant wages. A recent found that in inflation-adjusted dollars, the median family was 20 percent poorer in than the median family of Meanwhile, the top 5 percent has seen a percent increase in wealth in the last 30 years, and has recovered much more quickly than any other group from the financial collapse.

Those numbers should give a strong indication as to which direction the wealth of this nation has been redistributed under the economic policies implemented in the Reagan revolution. For these last three decades, we have been promised that growth is good for everyone and that a rising tide lifts all boats. But that hasn t been true even in the good times, and when the business cycle bottoms out, people at the bottom fall further and recover more slowly than the people at the top.

This is a result of government policy and won t change without intervention. Raising the minimum wage high enough to bring anyone with a job out of poverty is a good place to start. Extending subsidies for health care and higher education to share opportunity more equally is also important. Public infrastructure projects that would put people to work and pump money into the economy should not be put off any longer.

With 70 percent of our economy based on consumption, it is wrong to expect people struggling to provide the basics for their families to give the economy the vitality it needs to soar. If this is as good as it s going to get, it s easy to understand why people don t feel rosy. About 50 volunteers turned out Saturday morning to help construct new playground toys at Rainier Elementary School. Faith came to me and said, What can we do about a new playground? Garchow recalled. I said, Well, we don t have it in the budget.

So that s when Faith and her mom, Ida, decided to make it happen on their own. They wrote grant applications, organized coin drives, tapped businesses and churches for donations, and set up other fundraisers. They even sent a video asking television host Ellen DeGeneres for support. The Hollywood A-lister didn t respond to their request, but folks who live in the small community in southeast Thurston County certainly did.

Everyone stepped up, Ida Boesch said. Everyone s gotten behind it. Volunteers from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, the Rainier City Council and the school district joined others in digging holes, raking rocks, securing posts and building the playground set, which is accessible to disabled students and features several elements for kids to climb, bounce and play on. The new set is much larger than the school s wooden set, and features toys that are geared toward older kids. Their grandma Terri Rendahl predicts that the playground will be an instant hit and get plenty of use even when school isn t in session.

It s amazing what one little girl s dream turned into, Rendahl said. Lisa Pemberton: Armed robbery at Mother s Foods January 28,. Steven Bugni remains a fugitive. The investigation revealed that on January 28th, Mueller and Bugni, both armed with firearms, stole money money from Mother s Foods. Brown served as a lookout. During the robbery, Mueller shot a store employee in the left, causing a life-threatening bodily injury. At the sentencing hearing, one victim spoke regarding the effect of the robbery on himself, the other store employees, and the business.

He mentioned that several customers were in the store at the time of the robbery, including two young children. Related stories:. Follow me on Twitter. The revised bill by Sen. The full Assembly is expected to vote Thursday. Led by San Francisco Dist. George Gascon, the push for passage gained strength with a new report and survey by a Nebraska business professor.

He said that an online survey of smartphone owners showed overwhelming support for the kill-switch option. They contend that it's bad public policy for states to pass their own technical regulations for products sold nationally. CTIA's opposition is not shared by some of its members. A Sacramento firm called "California State Corporations" is making the fraudulent solicitations and "has no affiliations" with the state government, according to an alert from the Secretary of State. Calls to the company, identified on the phone as "California Compliance," were not returned.

Colorado submitted a waiver appeal to the NCAA asking that Callahan be allowed to compete immediately based on family reasons instead of having to sit out a year like most transfers do. Callahan adds depth to an offensive line that returns just six lettermen. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. NQR chief executive Aaron Fitzgerald says the business offers a service to suppliers. It will take pallets that don't fit Coles or Woolworths specifications, or goods manufactured for promotional purposes that have not sold before the end of their campaigns.

Consumers mostly would not be able to tell the difference between a product bought at his store and one bought through Coles or Woolworths, he says. Advertisement Although NQR stocks all the big brands across all product categories, Fitzgerald is reluctant to name his customers although they include Coca-Cola and Goodman Fielder for fear that Coles and Woolworths will go back to the suppliers and ask for the discounts that NQR receives.

It's an approach that has captured the attention of suppliers and consumers, with NQR opening seven new stores over the past few years. Last month it opened a new store in Sale, Victoria. The performance will eclipse the industry average, however. NQR customers include young families, students and pensioners. For instance, the Ashburton store in Victoria sells many meal-preparation supplies such as tinned tomatoes and tomato paste. The store in Fountain Gate, an area dominated by young families, sells lunch-box fillers such as yoghurts and muesli bars. Fitzgerald is pessimistic about the future for smaller retailers if the main grocers continue to place pressure on margins.

Large companies will survive, but they will have to find margin elsewhere, which usually happens by cutting labour costs. Small businesses will also have to cut jobs, and if they can't do that, that's where they fail. He says consumers will suffer from a smaller range of products on offer. But there are lots of opportunities for smaller retailers to make niche brands the heroes in their range," he says. It's also important not to always blame the majors. It's a great volume opportunity. But it's also vital to find alternatives so that your business is sustainable.

If you build your business around the majors it makes negotiating with them tough because you're only negotiating on the fear of being delisted. Managing director Robert Marsh manufactures a cheese sold exclusively through NQR and sells about four tonnes of Marsh's Jedda a month. He says both his business and NQR make a return from the arrangement and he likes the straightforward nature of the relationship.

Marsh also sells through the major grocers and says the best way to do business with them is to meet their expectations. It's a good business partnership and our approach is to overservice our customers so we maintain good relationships with them. And Joel, who has a reputation for giving it all in his live shows, did not disappoint. No, he did not play Captain Jack, the song that back in But other than that, he didn t leave off many big hits. See the full set list below. And he knows that when you're in Philly, you've got to show Philly some respect.

Russell Wheeler rpwheels68 We could go on with the Phillies bashing, but we won't. Meanwhile, folks also had some bashing for Miley Cyrus, who was performing across the street at the Wells Fargo Center while Joel was at the ballpark: Miley Cyrus needed a thousand props and costume changes to put on a good show. Billy Joel needed a piano. A Matter of Trust 2. Pressure 3. The Entertainer 4. Vienna 5. Gonna Fly Now Theme from Rocky 6. Zanzibar 7. New York State of Mind 9. Expressway to Your Heart Movin' Out Goodnight Saigon Allentown My Life She's Always a Woman This ensemble of rainfall records can be combined with posterior values of the HYMOD model parameters to generate streamflow hydrographs outside the calibration period that include explicit representation of model parameter and forcing data error.

The results of this analysis will be presented later. This difference is small, but nevertheless important as this bias explains the observed differences in optimized distributions of the HYMOD model parameters between case studies 1 and 2 compare Figures 3 and 5. These results establish the need for appropriate characterization and inference of forcing data error during watershed model calibration.

The inference method developed herein is especially designed to minimize the impact of rainfall error on hydrologic parameter estimates, and thus to enable getting the right answers for the right reasons. This latter is important, especially within the context of the PUB initiative. This analysis would help establish how reasonable the inferred rainfall records are, but is beyond the scope of the current paper.

Note also, that the results presented here are contingent on HYMOD being a reasonable approximation of the underlying heterogeneous catchment it is trying to represent. Combining the proxy records of multiple different watershed models provides an explicit way to handle structural uncertainty when doing hydrology backward. In each plot, the observed streamflow observations are indicated with dots. The calibration results presented here for both catchments are very similar to those presented previously in Figure 4 for case study 1. Even though forcing error is explicitly considered, the multipliers are conditioned for each individual storm to maximize the posterior density and minimize HYMOD prediction uncertainty.

However, for the evaluation period, the width of the prediction uncertainty intervals have significantly increased, with streamflow bounds that show a much better coverage of the discharge observations. This is clearly visible in both plots, and particularly evident for two storm events around days — for the Leaf River watershed. While the classical model calibration with DREAM Figure 4c significantly underestimates the actual streamflow observations during these two rainfall events, explicit treatment of rainfall error provides an improved coverage of the data.

Further improvements can be made by explicitly considering error in potential evapotranspiration during drying conditions of the watershed, and by including a more formal treatment of model error. The results presented in Table 3 highlight that 1 explicit consideration of forcing error changes the mode of the posterior pdf of the HYMOD model parameters. This is most evident for the parameters C max , b exp and Alpha and has significant implications for regionalization studies; 2 the uncertainty of the HYMOD parameters increases when rainfall estimates are directly inferred from the observed discharge data; and 3 the rainfall multipliers are relatively well defined by calibration against streamflow data, with an average standard deviation of about 0.

As discussed previously, to simulate streamflow during the evaluation period, a precipitation ensemble was generated for each individual storm using different values of the rainfall multipliers randomly drawn from the respective marginal distributions presented in Figures 7a and 7b. These precipitation records were then combined with the posterior pdf of the HYMOD model parameters derived from the calibration period, and used for prediction. This result is not surprising, because modifications to the observed rainfall data allow the HYMOD model to more closely track the streamflow observations.

The observed rainfall record for the French Broad catchment is quite consistent in depth with the observed streamflow data, and cannot be improved much through consideration of forcing error. Indeed, the marginal posterior pdf of many of the storm multipliers reside in the vicinity of 1 for the French Broad river system, indicating generally small modifications to the measured precipitation depths with the rain gauges. This is a very interesting result, and provides support for the claim that the treatment of rainfall error presented herein, is useful and meaningful and structurally consistent with the observed discharge data outside the calibration period.

Furthermore, a much better coverage of the streamflow observations is obtained when the rainfall depths are allowed to vary on the basis of the statistical distribution of the multipliers derived after calibration. We therefore conclude that the presented inference method provides important insights into the issue of forcing data error and inspires new thinking into how to disentangle input, parameter and model structural error. Further support for this is given by Vrugt et al. The method, entitled differential evolution adaptive Metropolis DREAM , runs multiple chains in parallel and adaptively updates the scale and orientation of the proposal distribution during sampling.

Candidate points are generated by using a fixed multiple of the difference of randomly chosen members of the population. In particular, this study demonstrated how DREAM can be used to analyze forcing data error during watershed model calibration. The most important conclusions are as follows:. Explicit treatment of forcing error during hydrologic model calibration significantly alters the posterior distribution of watershed model parameters. The rainfall multipliers are grouped around 1 for both the Leaf River and French Broad watersheds.

These findings are contingent on HYMOD being an accurate representation of the hydrologic functioning of both catchments. Rainfall multipliers provide important diagnostic information to quantify rainfall error, better test hydrologic theory, and diagnose model structural errors.

Moreover, there is a urgent need to compare our estimates of precipitation against other available rainfall information. This might require selecting another catchment for which multiple types of precipitation data are available and for which spatially distributed models can be run. Future work should also focus on extending the method presented in this paper to consider potential evapotranspiration during drying conditions of the watershed as well. An initial step in that direction is presented by Vrugt et al. Work presented in that paper shows that low precipitation amounts are generally associated with relatively high uncertainty, whereas higher rainfall amounts appear to be better defined with smaller variation among the multipliers.

That finding is consistent with recent work by Villarini and Krajewski [] who, for the Brue catchment in Southwest England have shown that the standard deviation of the spatial sampling error decreases with increasing rainfall intensity. We gratefully acknowledge the ideas and comments of three reviewers and students and faculty at New Mexico Tech, Socorro, that have improved the current quality of this paper.

Computer support, provided by the SARA center for parallel computing at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, is highly appreciated. Please note: The publisher is not responsible for the content or functionality of any supporting information supplied by the authors. Any queries other than missing content should be directed to the corresponding author for the article.

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Abstract [1] There is increasing consensus in the hydrologic literature that an appropriate framework for streamflow forecasting and simulation should include explicit recognition of forcing and parameter and model structural error. Introduction and Scope [2] Hydrologic models, no matter how sophisticated and spatially explicit, aggregate at some level of detail complex, spatially distributed vegetation and subsurface properties into much simpler homogeneous storages with transfer functions that describe the flow of water within and between these different compartments.

General Model Calibration Problem [8] For a model to be useful in prediction, the values of the parameters need to accurately reflect the invariant properties of the components of the underlying system they represent. Figure 1 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint. Schematic overview of the model calibration problem. The model parameters are iteratively adjusted so that the predictions of the model, f represented with the solid line , approximate as closely and consistently as possible the observed response indicated with the dotted line.

Description of Rainfall Forcing Data Error [13] There are various ways in which rainfall forcing error can be included in the parameter estimation problem in watershed model calibration. Figure 2 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint. Illustrative example of how rainfall multipliers are assigned to individual storm events. The values of these multipliers are estimated simultaneously with the hydrologic model parameters by minimizing the mismatch between observed and simulated catchment response.

Bayesian Statistics and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation [17] In the last decade, Bayesian statistics have increasingly found use in the field of hydrology for statistical inference of parameters, state variables, and model output prediction [ Kuczera and Parent , ; Bates and Campbell , ; Engeland and Gottschalk , ; Vrugt et al. Random Walk Metropolis Algorithm [19] The basis of the MCMC method is a Markov chain that generates a random walk through the search space with stable frequency stemming from a fixed probability distribution.

Next, the candidate point is either accepted or rejected using the Metropolis acceptance probability:. In this first study, we use the following classical density function:. Figure 3 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint. Classical without explicit assessment of forcing data error hydrologic model calibration: marginal posterior probability distributions of the HYMOD model parameters C max , b exp , Alpha , R s , and R q for the top Leaf River and bottom French Broad watersheds in the United States. The histograms were constructed using the last 10, samples generated with DREAM after convergence to a limiting distribution.

Figure 4 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint. A distinction is made between the top calibration and bottom evaluation periods. Observed streamflows are indicated with solid circles. Listed statistics denote averages over 25 different calibration cases. Figure 5 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint.

The histograms were constructed using the last , samples generated with DREAM after convergence to the posterior distribution. Figure 6 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint. It was published in an edition of trade hardcovers signed by Morris and a copy slipcased edition signed by all fifty-two contributors.

Blumberg and Andrew Hershberger, along with a brief history of zombie cinema, a title index of more than films, and a Afterword by zombie actor Mark Donovan. Lovecraft in a handsomely redesigned and updated edition with a Preface by S. James Cameron contributed a brief Foreword, and there was also a short notation from the late Fay Wray.

Brian M. The subtitle of Steve Starger and J. A deluxe hardcover edition included an extra sixteen-page portfolio. Amphigorey Again collected a number of previously unpublished illustrations and unfinished work by the late Edward Gorey. As usual, the Fenners also edited Spectrum The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art , which contained more than pieces of art by some different artists.

From Fantagraphics Books, Beasts! When pre-orders exceeded the 10,copy first printing, the book went into a second edition before publication. However, following discussions between the publisher and Great Ormond Street Hospital, publication of the book in the European Union was delayed until , when the Peter Pan copyright expires.

Paul Wilson. A tale of two sexy women kidnapped and tortured by all kinds of monsters, the graphic novel included the previously unpublished sixth episode. Also available was a young adult graphic adaptation of Dracula , written by Gary Reed and illustrated by Becky Cloonan. Despite their success with the Pirates sequel, Walt Disney announced that they would cut studio jobs to concentrate on creating blockbuster franchises over more adult subjects.

Film output would be reduced from around eighteen titles a year to a dozen, with about ten being released under the Disney name and those under the Touchstone banner being cut back to two or three releases a year. The DVD release included a new interactive feature that let the viewer change the course of the plot. So much for the auteur theory. Gellar also turned up as the star of The Return , in which she travelled to a small Texas town that seemed to hold the key to her strange hallucinations.

Another unnecessary remake was Black Christmas , based on the superior and innovative slasher film of the same name. The film opened at 1 in the UK. Camilla Belle played the babysitter who realised that a series of threatening phone calls were coming from inside the house she was in. The DVD included unrated extended scenes and an alternate ending. Apparently the Slovakian authorities were outraged at the film, along with more-discerning movie-goers. Although not screened for US critics, it opened at 1 for a week before quickly dropping out of the box-office charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

A woman Radha Mitchell searched for her sick daughter in the zombie-haunted town of Silent Hill. Brokeback Mountain. Phil turned up in embarrassing cameos. Despite a huge, Internet-fuelled publicity build-up, David R. Although it opened in both the US and UK at 1, not screening the film for critics prior to release apparently harmed its chances at the box-office. It was a huge box-office hit in its native Korea. Despite being directed by Dave McKean and scripted by Neil Gaiman, MirrorMask was a dull combination of live action and digital animation as sulky young circus girl Helena Stephanie Leonidas found herself transported into a bizarre fantasy world.

Meanwhile, the Brothers Quay looked at the links between creativity and madness in their surreal feature The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes. Vu , which also featured Val Kilmer and Jim Caviezel. Alfonso Cuar? James, was set in a dystopian near-future where women could no longer give birth. The film opened at 1 in the UK in September. It opened at 1 in the US with a lower-than-expected gross. When Bryan Singer pulled out to revive another comic book franchise, Brett Ratner took over at the helm of the third and possibly final entry in the mutant superhero franchise, X-Men: The Last Stand.

Based on Patrick S? Olivia Bonamy and Micha? The same month, cinemagoers got a sneak preview of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when the first trailer was released with the animated Happy Feet. It stayed in the 1 slot for two weeks at Christmas. The busy Allen also turned up as Captain Zoom, who along with Chevy Chase and Courtney Cox instructed four children with special powers how to be accepted in the dire superhero comedy Zoom.

Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg were executive producers. When the studios stopped manufacturing the tapes, retailers were left with no choice but to pull the plug on the format. Thankfully, it was only available for a limited time. Disappointingly, both sets were extremely light on extras. Skal and Steve Haberman. The remastered DVD also featured three documentary supplements plus outtakes and test scenes. Cannell, amongst others.

Made without a grain of talent or humour, A. Many of the characters were named after old actors, and this even included dinosaur footage from the silent Lost World. Skal, Peter Atkins and Dennis Etchison. Guests received a copy of Famous Monster of Filmland 90 , a fac-simile magazine of the original manuscript pages of FM 1. Also from those purveyors of fine flicks, Yancy Butler starred in Basilisk: The Serpent King , a reanimated Dean Cain battled infectious giant beetles carrying a zombie virus in Dead and Deader , and Michael Pare witnessed the battle between Komodo vs.

Cobra on a desert island. Casper Van Dien and Lynda Carter found themselves up against some scary Latin American vampires in Slayer , and a prison guard Jennifer Wiggins battled a monster assassin working for the Russian mafia in Shapeshifter. Lance Henriksen encountered a big bloodthirsty backwoods creature in Abominable , and he reprised his role from the original film as a ghost in Pumpkinhead III: Ashes to Ashes filmed back-to-back with a third sequel. Meanwhile, psychic siblings Charisma Carpenter and Eric Mabius wanted revenge on the evil that destroyed their hometown twenty years earlier in Voodoo Moon.

This time he teamed up with a spirited archaeologist Gabrielle Anwar to find a stolen scroll that was said to reveal the location of the legendary diamond mines. Peter Krause played homicide detective Joe Miller, searching for his missing daughter Elle Fanning through a mysterious motel room that was a gateway in time and space, in the three-part Sci Fi mini-series The Lost Room. Miller soon found himself embroiled in a secret war over long-lost objects that possessed extraordinary powers that dated back to a fateful day in May Patrick Stewart starred as government trouble-shooter Professor Ian Hood who, with his Special Branch minder Rachel Young Ashley Jensen , investigated such things as a European cloning conspiracy, a flesh-eating virus, a formula to predict the weather and spring water that could apparently cure cancer.

Essie Davis was a nymphomaniac Mrs Lovett who turned the victims into pies, and David Warner played a blind policeman investigating the mysterious disappearances. Julian Sands played his sinister doctor. Number 13 was the latest M. James ghost story for Christmas. Greg Wise starred as the academic who discovered that his lodging house contained a ghostly room next to his own.

Simpson, David Jason played the only survivor of a World War II submarine disaster who found he was still linked with the past when the haunted vessel mysteriously reappeared thirty-eight years later. Wanamaker, Frank Finlay and Keith Barron. Fred Willard played the Walt Disney-like entrepreneur. For the second, thirteen-part series, Scottish actor David Tennant took over as a dynamic incarnation of the Time Lord, who shared a more romantic relationship with his companion, Rose Tyler Billie Piper.

The better episodes involved a werewolf murder mystery surrounding Queen Victoria Pauline Collins , the poignant return of former companions Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen and the robot dog K-9, a two-part Cyberman invasion of London, a soul-sucking s TV entity Maureen Lip-man and a Satanic creature trapped by the power of a black hole. In the epic two-part finale, an Earth besieged by ghosts and the destruction of the mysterious Torchwood Institute were only a prelude to an apocalyptic confrontation between the Cybermen and the Daleks as Rose made a decision that would change her life forever.

While Tyler and the viewers tried to work out if he had actually travelled back in time or if it was all in his head, he also had to contend with his no-nonsense boss Gene Hunt the excellent Philip Glenister and a particularly creepy young girl off the television test card. Kelly Reilly starred as the eponymous new biological life form. Following a laboratory accident, research scientist Colin Trafford Samuel West found himself in a parallel universe inhabiting the body of his namesake and living a very different life. Guest stars included William Hurt, William H.

Holmes and encountered a seriously homicidal vampire-hunter. Following a near-fatal s? The first season ended with a plane crash and the death of series regular Andrea Aisha Tyler. However, the character was back in the first show of the second series. The Dead Zone returned for its fifth and supposedly final season, filmed back-to-back with series four. In the penultimate episode they encountered a genuine succubus who drained her victims of their life-force. The show went on hiatus in December before returning with twenty-two new episodes in Now that was really weird! After being marooned with his rebellious teenage daughter Zo?

The first episode attracted an audience of 4. After episodes, the series bowed out with an episode in which the Charmed Ones travelled back in time to save the world from the forces of evil and finally put their lives in order. Fan-of-the-show Peter Straub played a blind retired police officer on the March 27th episode of the daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The animated Zombie Hotel was about eight-year-old twins, Fungus and Maggot, and their dead parents Rictus and Funerella.

After five seasons, the show ended with a two-part episode in which Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom attempted to reanimate Brainiac. John Carpenter, Joe Dante and Tim Burton were amongst those who paid tribute to the influential Italian director and cinematographer. Wells and Me. Dennis Wheatley: A Letter to Posterity was an hour-long documentary about the bestselling writer whose work has now fallen out of favour.

Contributors included Brian W. Aldiss, Arthur C. Clarke, Doris Lessing, Ian M. Over six episodes, The Cult of. Transylvania Babylon presented an entertaining selection of clips of big and small screen Draculas from the past. For some reason it also featured a special tribute to Ozzy Osbourne. Geoff Ward, professor of literature at Dundee University presented the forty-five minute show about the influential author with contributions from Neil Gaiman, S. Rahman and the Finnish musical group V? Although it was playing to less than capacity audiences, producers blamed illness amongst the cast. Since the show opened in London in , it had been seen by more than 80 million people worldwide.

Free beer was offered to all adult patrons. Many of the characters were named after people connected with the original Romero movie. Adding to the LA zombiefest, Zombies! Meanwhile, Johnny Depp voiced the disappointing Pirates of the Caribbean: Legend of Jack Sparrow spin-off video game, and Monster House was based on the animated film and obviously aimed at younger children.

At least Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse allowed the player to actually become a zombie and turn the inhabitants of a small American town into an army of the walking dead. The six-inch tall Buffy the Vampire Slayer:? Each figure, based on the original design by Jack Harris, was packaged in a colourful tube and limited to 1, pieces each.

The eleven-inch high polystone maquettes came with hand-numbered certificates of authenticity. Despite an impressive line-up of guests that included international authors Kim Newman and Koji Suzuki, publisher John Pelan, artist Brom, actor Bill Moseley and Toastmaster Peter Straub, mismanagement led to some problems after the event. Ray Garton was announced as the somewhat premature recipient of the Grand Master Award.

Feist and Juliet E. McKenna, while David J. Howe was Master of Ceremonies. The author also continued his winning streak by picking up the Best Collection award for 20th Century Ghosts. Howard Artist Guest. In fact, the IHG Awards were surrounded by controversy, but we will return to that a little later. Three days later in Austin, Toastmaster Bradley Denton hosted the World Fantasy Awards presentation following a crowded banquet on the Sunday afternoon. Only one of the winners was actually present. More observant readers may have noticed that no anthology winner was listed in the International Horror Guild Awards above.

This was not an oversight. Obviously, this did not seem to have been a problem for any other major awards in the field. The anthologies market is already depressed enough. Arguably, may not have been the best of years, but it was certainly far from the worst. As we had intended, our open letter stirred up discussion within the field.

However, what none of us who put our names to the statement expected was the vehemence that it would provoke. Within hours of its posting, message boards were buzzing with people discussing the pros and cons of the letter. I soon started receiving e-mails attacking me personally. Over the following weeks I was threatened and insulted, and I know that others received similar treatment. Only one person who signed the letter subsequently asked to have his name removed. Many more contacted us and asked if they could have their names added.

Perhaps even more telling was the excuse by another judge that the panel did not receive enough free copies of anthologies to make an informed decision. What the IHG judges and administrator had failed to take into account was that it is the job of the panel to track down individual titles and then discuss the subjective merits of those books amongst themselves. In this particular case, they should have nominated whichever anthology titles they collectively felt were the best of those published in If they then decided that none of these titles ultimately deserved the final award, then so be it.

At the very least, our protest raised some important issues, and I hope that such a decision will not be taken so lightly again. For me, personally, it was a nasty, spiteful and disheartening time that exposed the dark and malicious underbelly of the genre I love and work in. Am I glad I got involved? Given the harassment that I had to put up with, would I do it again? You betcha! Perhaps if Ray had had that idea before me, it would have looked a little bit like my story. Dry heat rose from the cracks in the sidewalks, brushing the brown grass that grew there as it shimmered by.

There was a hush in the stilted air, high and hanging, the sun like a burnt coin frozen in the pale and cloudless sky, the trees still, green leaves dried and baked, panting for a breeze. Rotating window fans moved hot air from outside to inside. Newspapers rustled on kitchen tables, their pages waving until the artificial breeze moved on, then settling hot and desultory back into unread place. The breakfast plates sat unstacked, forgotten; lunch plates with uneaten lunch — curling pumpernickel, wilted lettuce, an inkblot of mustard dry as paper — sat nearby.

Morning coffee milled in two mugs, still tepid from the afternoon warmth. His wife Mabel, prostrate on the nearby couch, the faded sunflowers of her house dress clashing and merging in a wilted riot with the worn daisies of the sofa print, tried to say something but failed. Her right hand continued to weakly fan herself with its magazine and she tried again. At one time, Summer had belonged to them. From the first day of school letting out, until the dreaded bell sounded again, they had ruled summer as if they owned it.

There had been baseball and bad tennis, and miniature golf and marbles in the hot dust. There had been butterfly hunts with orange black monarchs big as pterodactyls and just as difficult to catch. And their own swimming, from dawn to dusk some days, emerging at the end waterlogged beings, raisin boys, to dry and unwilt in the setting sun. And this year it had started the same — the banishment of black-and-white marble notebooks, pencils thrown under beds spearing dust bunnies, school clothes in the backs of closets.

And out with the baseball glove! Oiled, smelling like new wet leather, sneakers that smelled of dirt, short pants, the dewy morning giving way to a fresh hot feeling and late afternoon thunderstorms scattering the ballplayers with warm wet drops big as knuckles and the temperature dropping and making them shiver. And swimming, and more swimming, and more swimming still, and the cool-warm nights, the sharp cold taste of ice cream, of a bottle of cola drawn from an iced bucket, of a hot dog steaming, hiding under hot sauerkraut.

It was Shep who noticed it first: in the dangerous treehouse on a mid-August afternoon. They had finished trading baseball cards, arguing over how many cards always doubles! Shep spoke without breaking his concentration. Idly, still scanning his Vault of Horror , Monk kicked out his sneaker and caught Lem on the shin.

Something like a faint hiss, something like the eerie castanet sound cicadas make, passed by his ears and brushed him on one cheek, but there was not so much as a breeze in the early hot afternoon. That afternoon it was too hot to swim. It stayed that way the next three days. Monk had built, from boards too useless even for the treehouse, a lab table in one corner, and they fiddled with the chemistry set, trying to make things that were yellow and then turned red, others that made smoke.

They toyed with the rabbit-ear antenna on the ancient television, a huge wooden box with a tiny black and white screen the size of a TV dinner tin — for a while they brought in the monster movie channel, and watched, in a snowy and line-infested picture, the Man from Planet X rampage through the Scottish moors. Monk brought down a bowl of grapes, and they ate some of them, and spit the rest at each other out of their mouths, pressing their cheeks for cannonade. But their eyes kept drifting to the cellar windows, and the heat and light outside.

They made it halfway to the secret pond, and turned around, dripping and panting. They played darts in the cellar, and set up plastic army men and knocked them down with marbles and rubber bands. Lem and Shep talked about body odor and shaving their upper lips while Monk scowled. And always, for three days, they kept looking to the cellar windows, up high, filled with light, and closed against the summer heat. The radio played music, and talked about the heat. The air was dry as the inside of an oven.

There was a cloudless sky, and a smile of moon tilted at an amused angle, and, after a while, there were stars in the dark but they looked faraway and dim through the hot air. The telescope went unused. They swam for a while, but the water, over the last three days, had taken on the temperature and feel of warm tea. Inside the tent it was as hot as outside, and they shifted uncomfortably as they tried to sleep.

When they tried to read comics by flashlight, the flashlights dimmed and then went out. The sun came up over the trees the color of melted butter. They spit out the water in their canteens, which tasted like warm aluminum. It only went down to eighty-nine last night, folks. According to meteorological indications, it should be in the middle eighties, with moderate humidity! Fancy that! Shep looked at his friends, and there was a suddenly grim look on his face.

Thunder heads would gather in the West, dark mushrooming promises of cool and wet, and then break apart as they came overhead, dissipating like pipe smoke into the blue high air. The grasses turned from moist green to brown; postage stamp lawns changed color overnight and died. The temperature rose into the low hundreds, dropping into the nineties at night.

On the roads, automobiles like ancient reptiles sat deserted at angles against curbs, their hoods up, radiators hissing angrily. Buses, looking like brontosauruses, passengerless, stood unmoving, their front and middle doors accordianed open, yawning lazily at empty white bus stop benches. Birds stopped singing in trees; the morning dawned as hot as midday. Dogs panted in their doghouses.

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There were no mosquitoes, and houseflies hung motionless to window screens. Spiders crawled into shadows and stayed there. Three twelve-year-old boys made one more pilgrimage to the secret pond. It had become too hot in the cellar anyway, with the windows closed or open. Milk had spoiled, its odor battling with the sour stench of rotting vegetables.

Dishes, unwashed, were piled in the sink. The radio was on, a background insect buzz. It was like walking through a bakery oven. The heat was not only in the ground and in the air, but all around them. They felt it through their sneakers, on their knees, their eyelids. Their hair felt hot. The air was dry as a firecracker. It was.

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When they got to the pond and stripped, there was vapor rising from the surface of the water, and fish floated dead, like flat plastic toys. He looked back at his friends in awe, and showed his retracted foot, which was red. George Meadows sat staring at his half empty coffee cup, watching the coffee in it steam. He had poured it an hour and a half ago, and it was still hot. He lifted his hand toward it, looked at the sweat stain it left in the shape of a hand on the table and lowered it again.

Her right hand, unmoving, still gripped her magazine and her eyes held a fixed, glazed look. Her chest barely moved up and down. Three twelve-year-old boys stood in front of a cave opening buttressed with rotting timbers. It was dim, and, compared to outside, almost cool in the cave. But as they moved farther in it got even dimmer and hot and stuffy. There was a twist to the left, and then a climb that disappointed them, and then a suddenly drop which brought them real darkness and a halt. Lem, who was pulling the wagon, rummaged through the pile and pulled out the bad flashlight, and then the good one, which he handed to Shep.

Shep consulted his watch with the light beam. Behind them, they saw how steeply the floor had dropped; there was a circle of light leading out that looked hot and far away. There was darkness, and a steep descent, and Monk and Lem followed as the beam pointed down into it. They heard it rattle off into the bowels of the earth, then they heard nothing.

Two real hours went by. Lem was thirsty, and Monk wanted to stop, but Shep kept going. Monk snorted, and Shep spun angrily toward him with the flashlight, which at that exact moment went out. There was the rattle of loosened metal, a twang , and they heard flashlight parts hitting the floor of the cave.

The other one is still in the body. He pointed the flashlight, clutched together by the pressure of his hand, at his friends, Monk on the cave floor, still probing, Lem with his back against the wall, eyes closed. The beam shot to the floor, moved crazily this way and that, then froze on a round red piece of plastic. The flashlight beam swung down and ahead of them, and caught the crashed remains of the red wagon on its side, a chewed-open box of cereal, and the long fat grey-brown length of a rat as it put its whiskered, sniffing nose into the mouse trap.

There was a loud snap! They stopped two hours later for the night. The flashlight had gone out again, and this time it was the batteries but Shep took the batteries from the other unworking one. They were tired and hungry, thirsty and hot. The wagon was serviceable but now made a loud squeak with each turn of the front wheels.

The handle had been bent, but Lem forced it back into shape. He had found a flat wide place to stop, a kind of hitch in the slope. Ahead of them was only darkness. It was hot and close and sticky, and they felt a vague heat drifting up at them from below. They ate in darkness, and drank warm soda and un-iced tea, and listened, but there was nothing to hear.

No rats, no nearby roasting fires, no dripping water, no sound of any kind. Just the silent sound of heat getting hotter. They sat in a circle, and moved closer, the flashlight in the midst of them like a doused campfire. You smell like cream soda, but do you also smell like a horse? He knew it was growing impossibly warmer. He could feel and smell and taste it, just like he had in the tree house.

They ate and drank in the dark, just like the night before. Now there was no talking.

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Lem was having trouble breathing, taking shallow ragged huffs at the air. They turned on the battery radio and there was hiss up and down the dial until the one strong local channel came on. It was the same announcer, only now all of the chirp had gone out of his voice. Local ponds are steamed dry, and the electricity was out for three hours yesterday. Same all over, now. I want to swim in the pond, and get ready for school, and look at the fall catalogs and feel it get chilly at night!

He was having trouble breathing himself. If we do it maybe we can have all that again. Shep pointed the flashlight at Monk, who was trudging silently, straight ahead. The flashlight began to fail as they reached a wall of fallen rocks. Ignoring the impediment for the moment, Shep used the remaining light to rip the battery cover off the back of the radio and pull the batteries out. They were a different size, so he put the radio on and let it stay on, a droning buzz in the background.

Shep pushed impatiently past him, flicking the flash on and off to pull precious weak yellow beams out of it. Shep blinked the light on, off, punched desperately around the edge of the barrier, looking for a hole, a rift, a way through. He turned with a last thought, flaring the flash into life so that the beam played across Monk.

Shep turned the light off, on again; the beam was dull, pumpkin colored but he played it all over the rock barrier. My father told me about it when I was seven. This is just an old mine that played out and then caved in. It was me. On the other side, Lem sank to the floor. Lem began to cry, mewling like a hurt kitten, and the flashlight beam died again. In the dark, Shep flicked it on, off, on, off. I wanted it to last forever. Which is what we were doing. Talking about girls instead of baseball cards, hairy legs instead of monster comics, body odor instead of swimming and telescopes.

We used to do everything together and now that was going to change. When we went to Junior High Lem was going to try to date Angie Bernstein and you were going out for track. The chemistry set would collect dust in the corner of the basement. I could see it coming. In the dark, he could almost hear Monk shrug and heard him hitch a sob.

I just wanted it, I fell asleep crying for it at night, I prayed for it every day. Every time you and Lem started talking about girls and body hair and growing up, I prayed for it louder. And then, suddenly, it happened. It had become even hotter, and then hotter still. The radio, still on, blurted out a stifled cry of static and then was silent. He could barely talk, his words fighting through the heat, which had intensified. His wife lay unmoving on the sofa, her desiccated arm hanging over the side, fingers brushing her dropped magazine.

The window fan had given up. The sky was very bright. Puffs of steam rose from the floor, up from the cellar, from the ground below. Somewhere in the back of his nostrils, George smelled smoke, and fire. He felt light as a flake of ash rising from a campfire. He took in one final, rasping, burning breath as the world turned to fire and roaring flame around him.

Hottest ever. Along with his columns in Video Watchdog and All Hallows magazines, Campbell also now writes a column for the critical magazine Dead Reckonings as well. Sometimes the old ideas are best, eh? It was apparently enough to make Coe drag the quilt around him, since he feels more than a sheeted mattress beneath him, and to leave a sense of suffocating helplessness, of being worse than alone in the dark.

Even if his fit of rage blotted out his senses, it must have persuaded the family. Perhaps they all are, to impress on him how much they care about him, but he knows how recently they started. There was barely space for all of them around his bed in the private room. Whenever they thought he was asleep some of them would begin whispering.

Now they appear to have left him by himself, and yet he feels hemmed in. Is the dark oppressing him? He has never seen it so dark. He has always been able to distinguish the familiar surroundings when any of his fears jerked him awake. He could think that someone — his daughter Simone or son Daniel, most likely — has denied him light to pay him back for having spent too much of their legacy on the private room.

However much he widens his eyes, they remain coated with blackness. He parts his dry lips to call someone to open the curtains, and then his tongue retreats behind his teeth. He should deal with the bedclothes first. In the throes of the nightmare he has pulled the entire quilt under him. He grasps a handful and plants his other hand against the padded headboard to lift his body while he snatches the quilt from beneath him. Did his last bout of rage leave him so enfeebled, or is his weight pinning down the quilt? He stretches out his arms to find the edges, and his knuckles bump into cushions on both sides of him.

The walls must be cutting off the light. Presumably the idea is to prevent him from rolling out of bed. His trembling hands have flinched and bruised his sunken cheeks, but he lifts them. His elbows are still pressed against the bottom of the container when his hands blunder against an obstruction above his face. His knees rear up, knocking together before they bump into the obstacle, and then his feet deal it a few shaky kicks.

His family cared about him even less than he suspected. How can it make sense? Could he have saved on the embalming and had the funeral at once? At least he has dressed his father in a suit, but the pockets feel empty as death. His quivering fists are clenched next to his face, but he forces them open and gropes over his ribs. His inside breast pocket is flat as a card, and so are the others in the jacket. Somebody cared after all. He pokes at the keypad, and before his heart has time to beat, the mobile phone lights up. He could almost wish the glow it sheds were dimmer.

The phone will remember for him. His knuckles dig into the underside of the lid as he holds the mobile away from his face.