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  2. Use Maximum-Credible Accident Scenarios for Realistic and Reliable Risk Assessment
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  • 21st Century U.S. Military Documents: Air Force E-9A Range Control Aircraft - Operations Procedures, Aircrew Evaluation Criteria, Aircrew Training Flying Operations.
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The equations of state based on the principle of corresponding states, Van der Waal's gas equation saturated vapor pressure, and the threshold energy models are briefly described and their limitations are pointed out. The equation of state for plutonium oxide fuel is set up and the energy release in the PURNIMA reactor is calculated as a function of reactivity insertion rate, initial power level.

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Doppler reactivity coefficient, prompt neutron lifetime, and spatial power distribution. Similar records in OSTI.

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GOV collections:. Title: Theoretical diagnosis of maximum credible accident and energy releases in Purnima. AND OR.

long-term effects of chernobyl

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Use Maximum-Credible Accident Scenarios for Realistic and Reliable Risk Assessment

Results 1 - 1 of 1. Search took: 0. Maximum credible accident of a nuclear power plant. Kriz, Z.

Abstract Abstract. As concerns pressurized water reactors this is practically only the hypothetical rupture of the pressure vessel.

MCA - Maximum Credible Accident | AcronymFinder

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