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  4. Independence never an inevitability

Herzog was born in in the Bavarian Landshut and joined the CDU in as a professor of state theory and politics. In he went into politics; ten years later he was appointed as a constitutional judge. Since he was president of the Federal Constitutional Court. Laura Dahlmeier set a record with her victory in the final mass start at the Biathlon World Championships in Hochfilzen, Austria.

The year-old athlete is the most successful skier in any single world championship after A few hours later, Simon Schempp took the lead in the last race of the World Cup and also won gold in the mass start. It is the first World Cup medal for him. Schempp did not make any mistakes at the shooting range.

Visit Deutsche Welle at www. Doch als die beiden ihr zweites Kind erwarten, wird ihr sonst so durchgetaktetes Leben unerwartet aus der Bahn geworfen: Bei einer Routineuntersuchung erfahren sie, dass ihr Kind schwer krank ist. In this very intense drama in which Julia Jentsch stars as a prominent comedian happily married to her manager Markus Bjarne Maedel , who gives her quiet and wise support, their relationship is completely thrown out of balance when they learn that the second child that they are expecting is severely ill.

In the sixth month of the pregnancy, Astrid decides — after a long internal struggle and intense dialogues with her husband — to have the pregnancy terminated, which, in this case, is a legal procedure in Germany given the seriousness of the illness. However, the decision pushes both of them to their emotional and psychological limits. This was no different for the two actors themselves. Julia Jentsch, who is a mother of a six-year-old daughter in real life, said in an interview once that she found herself having immense difficulties just opening the screenplay in order to acquaint herself with the role and learn her text.

And it shows in the movie. Stimmt das? Julia Jentsch: Es ist schon sehr lange her, als ich das gesagt habe. GW: Du stammst aus einer Juristen-Familie. Und dann stehen wir voll hinter Dir. Es war eigentlich immer eine innere Sehnsucht, ohne dass ich je gedacht habe, es wird mein Beruf. GW: Wo war Dein erstes Engagement?

Und da dort ein gesetzter Rahmen gegeben war - ich war ja angestellt - konnte ich dann auch sagen: Ich bin Schauspielerin. Aufgewachsen bist Du jedoch in Charlottenburg. Vermisst Du Berlin? Berlin und die Berliner. Ich bin dankbar, dass ich da geboren und aufgewachsen bin. Nun bin ich eigentlich noch weiter weg.

Ich empfinde die Stadt als extrem inspirierend. GW: Julia, in previous interviews you allegedly said that getting an award is not that important to you. Is that still correct? What is still true is that the experiences that I make when working on a new project, on a new character, are the real value to me as an actress.

GW: You come from a family of lawyers. How did your parents react when they heard about your plans to become an actress? However, they changed their mind pretty quickly when they saw how seriously I was going about it. After a short while they changed their opinion and even apologized for their strong initial reactions. Then, you will always have our support. That was a really good feeling and I actually have always had their back since then. GW: When did you make the decision to become an actress? The first theater plays, the first children operas that I saw — that always made a deep impression on me and changed something inside of me.

Those experiences gave me a new perspective of things, a different sense of being. Acting has actually always been something that I had a strong longing for, without ever considering turning it into a profession. GW: You moved from Berlin to Switzerland because of your husband. Currently you live in the countryside, a bit outside of Zurich, but you grew up in Charlottenburg.

Do you miss Berlin, the big city? Berlin and the Berliners. I am very thankful for being born and raised there.

German to English translator specialising in engineering and certificates

Therefore, I am very grateful whenever my career or personal matters bring me back to Berlin. The city truly inspires me.

Der deutsche Bundespräsident - Slow German #136

However, I enjoy the beautiful landscape of Switzerland as well - the mountains, the proximity to Lake Zurich. Above all, it was a great honor to work with Jiri Wenzel. He has a very unique way of storytelling in movies and a very unique sense of humor. GW: Du machst auch internationale Filme, wie z.

Welche Rolle hast Du gespielt? Aber irgendwann muss man sich wirklich auf das Drehbuch konzentrieren, weil man sich sonst so leicht verlieren kann. Das war sehr wertvoll. GW: Gibt es eine Schauspielerin, die Du besonders bewunderst? Wie sie Hannah Arendt gespielt hat, fand ich schon eine enorme Leistung. GW: Deutsche und amerikanische Filme sind sehr unterschiedlich. Hast Du eineVorliebe? GW: With regards to your part as Sophie Scholl, you once said that it had been a great honor to portray her in a movie.

How did you prepare for playing that role in particular? I started reading many of the texts that I had found, including letters that she wrote, but at some point I had to stop and concentrate on the actual screenplay. Otherwise, you lose yourself and drift away. He agreed to rehearsing those long trial scenes with me at his home. That was very helpful. GW: Are there any specific directors with whom you would like to work one day? In the U. In addition, a science fiction movie would interest me, too, or working with American colleagues.

GW: Is there any actress whom you especially admire? I think she gave an amazing performance in that movie. GW:You are a member of the Berlinale Jury this year. What do you consider a good movie? When watching a good film, I usually forget everything about my whereabouts; my heart starts beating faster. I feel how I am getting emotionally involved, and I hardly want to leave my seat in the theater after the screening.

He is also on my wishlist to work with — well, another big dream. GW: German and American movies are very different. Do you have any preference in this regard? It is the variety that I truly like. Damit hat die Karlsruherin sicherlich einen exzellenten Start in Hollywood. Dieses traditionsreiche sowie innovative Unternehmen wurde zum Mal mit dem TechnikOscar ausgezeichnet. Nicht zuletzt hat die deutsche Filmindustrie seit mehr als Jahren immer wieder neue Impulse gesetzt, unter anderem auch mit Kreativ-Powerhaus UfA, das in diesem Jahr seinen hundersten Geburtstag feiert.

And while might not have been such a golden year when it came to winning awards for German, Swiss or Austrian films, there is one thing that is certain.

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For, ever since the movie business began all those years ago, German-speaking creative artists have always been an integral part of the foundation of making dreams come true up on the silver screen — regardless of how many golden statues grace their mantelpieces. Instead, she went straight to the Independent Spirit Awards on the beach in Santa Monica, where she was also a nominee.

This annual event, co-hosted by the Consul General of Germany and sponsored this year by Bertelsmann and VW, is one of the most-anticipated parties of the year, which often boasts high-ranking German officials joining the celebration. Klaus Schaefer 9, 2nd f. They are truly missing out since Villa Aurora is not only one of the most beautiful spots in L. How very fitting that the annual German Pre-Oscar Party is continuing this tradition of cultural and intellectual exchange between international artists of the highest caliber at this illustrious place. Representatives of the winning businesses had gladly traveled to L.

The trophy, which was presented by Walter Koren 3, r. Carl Hoffmann 3, c. Frequentis sent Dieter Eier 1 to accept the award for the category of market penetration. We are searching for memorable stories, innovation, achievements and market footprint. The guests were greeted by Consul General Ruenger who then handed the proceedings over to moderator Sarah Backhouse. Among the expert panel was Mr. The keynote address at the event was given by retired 4 Star General Wesley K.

Clark, the former U. His expertise of 34 years of military service and his business acumen in clean energy and consulting made him the perfect speaker to deliver a local as well as a global perspective on the topic. His speech weaved a story from pioneers settling the West to the civil war waged in the South and the dangerous, dramatic consequences of unchecked global warming and climate change. He addressed current events in Europe and the importance of a strong NATO alliance and lasting transatlantic bonds.

His riveting performance received a well-deserved standing ovation. Elections in France and Germany. Dieter Dettke of Georgetown University and French journalist Maurin Picard, New York correspondent for Le Figaro shared their perspectives on the upcoming European elections and potential changes in the European political landscape. His commitment to alternative fuels has been evident in the Alternative Fuel Roadshow, a yearly event that Commissioner Echols has been leading for years. April 10 at 6. No pre-existing knowledge of music required. It will bring twelve feature films and a lineup of innovative short films to the Big Apple.

The movie had fantastic success in Germany, where it topped the art-house charts for four weeks. Fritz Bauer. Other movie highlights of the KINO! Desperately trapped in a failing marriage, Helene Brindel Martina Gedeck sees the key to her liberation in the form of the celebrated psychologist Eduard E.

PEGIDA and New Right-Wing Populism in Germany

Gluck Ulrich Tukur. But the charismatic Gluck is fighting demons of his own. Hesitantly at first, both give themselves over to a world in which love is both a test and a promise that leads to a blissful future. Their happy world collapses when the doctor informs them that the fetus has a 98 percent chance of being born with Down syndrome. Since late-term abortions are allowed in Germany in those cases, Astrid and Markus are struggling with the decision. The film is especially remarkable in not taking sides but showing the conflict and pain parents go through -- no matter how they decide.

Set in the small town of Wels, Austria, in Not to be missed March 31 at p. April 1 at p. April 2 at 6 p. It was a first time collaboration between the Goethe-Institut Director Sigrid Savelsberg who joined the Goethe-Institut team last summer and Festival Director Sophan Sorn who has been in charge of the festival for eight years now.

Among the filmgoers were over 1, students attending the Youth 4 German Cinema screenings movies selected by an international jury of students from across the U. The festival would not have been made possible without partners and sponsors. Luckily, the festival team was able to rely on the support by more than 40 sponsors and partners incl. The Goethe-Institut which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year in San Francisco certainly managed to kick this year off on a most promising note.

Ingrid Eggers l. Savelsberg and S. Certainly when it comes to Martin Luther, the sixteenth century church reformer, the legends are legion. Given this complex legacy, the Evangelical Church in Germany has appointed an ambassador for the Reformation Quincentennial. On Feb. Everyone is invited! At a time of increasing secularization, religious discrimination and conflict, Dr.

In Germany, churches have played an important role in keeping the social peace as the country has taken in thousands of refugees fleeing war and conflict. The prestigious state-run boarding school for the musically gifted, located adjacent to the scenic Rococo Castle Belvedere by Weimar, attracts rising talents from across Germany.

The program continued with a varied selection of works by Bach, Chopin, and Mendelssohn Bartholdy. It was, as one concert-goer put it, an Ohrenschmaus—a feast for the ears! You will be the jury! One focuses on the visible and the other on the imaginable. NW, Ste. Exactly 60 years ago, the famous conductor and pianist performed at Carnegie Hall for the first time.

Barenboim continued to tell the audience about his debut in with the great conductor Leopold Stokowski , and brings a plea for the defense of the culture: Whoever pursues a policy without values, destroys the structure of society. The almost listeners rise to an ovation, some have tears in their eyes.

Table of contents

Nine Bruckner symphonies in eleven days, a piano concerto by Mozart, with Barenboim in his double role as a pianist and conductor. April 7 — 9, German American Conference at Harvard The 9th annual German American Conference will delve into the most pressing issues in the transatlantic relationship. Location: Harvard University Information: www. Contact: www. Mozart and Franz Schubert. Location: Goethe-Institut, 30 Irving Pl. April 13 — 6. Great opportunity to explore the historic home of brewer Christian Heurich. Matthew I. Do you like to dance, drink, dress up and have a good time with friends?

Then Karneval is for you! And would you like to make learning German more fun for your kids? Simply enroll them in a Karneval Youth Group, pretend it is for dancing only and before they know it, they will be speaking German … The miracle of Karneval! And remember:What happens during Karneval, ends with Karneval. She saw several world-record magnets, including the tesla hybrid magnet, which is the strongest, continuous-field magnet in the world. She learned how magnets are designed and built here and how researchers from around the world use them to discover new things about materials, energy, health and the environment.

Eric Palm, the Deputy Director of the lab, gave the tour. You have a chance to socialize and get to know other guests and club members. Admission is free. Attire: Tracht or casual. Information: www. A complementary student guide was also distributed to offer faculty members the opportunity to use the exhibit for classroom assignments.

Exhibit viewers go on a journey through China via 70 photographs captured by 28 photographers. Most display scenes from the everyday life of ordinary Chinese citizens while capturing a wide array of emotions and experiences. After welcoming remarks in the Bisdorf Library of the NVCC Alexandria campus, opening-day guests were invited to sample Chinese tea and snacks while viewing the exhibit.

Almost students, faculty, friends of the Confucius Institute and the library, and community patrons attended the festive event. After the trip, the dynamic professor, who has always had a passion for languages and currently speaks seven, enrolled herself at the Confucius Institute, worked as a volunteer and eventually got a part-time position as project manager.

Several of the photographers whose works were on display, including NVCC students, faculty, staff and local residents, were present at the grand. During my first trip to China I saw that people — no matter in what culture or under which political system they live — have a very similar value system. Friendships between different nationalities are not only possible, but are becoming more important than ever in order to create a more humanitarian, tolerant and peaceful world.

I hope that my work can make a small contribution here. Bei weitem nicht. Angefangen mit seiner Geburt im norddeutschen Kiel zur Zeit des 2. Und das bedeutet nun, das Zepter des Erfolges an den Sohn weiterzureichen. Mit dabei sind Gerard Butler und 50 Cent, ein sehr gutes Ensemble. Ich bin so unendlich stolz auf ihn. Braeden at a book signing event in L. And then when I saw the finished product, I liked it!

Not by a long shot. He and his partner did return, and then took that film of their adventure to Hollywood. But as he is the first to admit, his family has always been the glue that has kept him grounded, focused and always looking for the next challenge. Which right now is passing the torch of Hollywood success on to his son. Trying to redress the wrongs of his homeland, he has dedicated his life to humanitarian work—even forming the German American Culture Society dedicated to German-Jewish dialogue —working for decades to show the world that what we share as humans is far more important than what separates us from one another.

The athletic actor even won the U. Source: Dey Street Books. Available at www. Sometimes it can be very helpful and knows to remind us that jumping off that cliff is indeed a dangerous possibly fatal idea. But many times it is the knot in our chest or the whisper in our ear, preventing us from overcoming our limits or tackling new challenges. Ich weiss nicht, ob die Idee des Schweinehundes deutsch ist oder ein bisschen bizarr, oder beides. Wahrscheinlich beides. Es ist die gleiche Angst, die viele junge Berufseinsteiger haben und sie daran hindert, ins Ausland zu gehen.

Ich sollte mit meiner Selbstverwirklichung eigentlich zufrieden sein, da ich schon viel Risiko eingegangen bin, um meinen Alltag abwechslungsreicher zu gestalten. Allerdings habe ich auch schon den Geburtstag von einem Freund um Mitternacht vor dem Dom mit Feuerwerk, Kuchen und Champagner in Plastikbechern gefeiert.

Ich verstehe komplexe Verfahren beim Besuch eines deutschen Gerichts. Alles das sind Dinge, die ich in meiner ersten Woche erlebt habe. Bist Du auch interessiert an diesem Austauschprogramm? Dann informiere Dich ab September unter www. I recognized the feeling exactly. It was the fear I had about diving off the bridge into the lake, time after time. The hesitation rattling through my body as I stood on its edge. I suppose I can be satisfied with the self-realization that I already take a lot chances in my everyday life. Moving to Germany sliced open my safety net.

I feel confident talking with my host mother about the refugees pouring into Germany. I understand complex proceedings when visiting a German court. These are all things I did in my first week. Are you also interested in this exchange program? Visit www. The post was published on www.

The CIP provides students participating in the longstanding U. Jointly funded by the German Bundestag and the U. Department of State, it is an invaluable opportunity for students to acquire practical work experience at the level of the federal government as well as to expand their knowledge of the responsibilities of a congressional member and of American legislative processes.

Founded in , Cultural Vistas is a nonprofit exchange organization promoting global understanding and collaboration among individuals and institutions. Their programs empower people to drive positive change in themselves, their organizations and society. For more information visit www.

Independence never an inevitability

Sierra Nevada nimmt damit den ersten internaNachdem Marius festgestellt hatte, dass er sich tionalen Praktikanten durch das J-1 Visumsprovon seinen Kommilitonen abheben kann, indem gramm auf. Das ist jedoch nicht das erste Mal, er internationale Berufserfahrung sammelt, war dass Abe die Vorteile vom Arbeiten im Ausland der erste Schritt sein Englisch zu verbessern. Da- erkennt. Eigentlich hat er nur dadurch seine Karraufhin schrieb er sich im Jahr in einen Kurs riere im Bierbrauen gestartet.

In der Sierra Nevada-Brauerei werden 3 bis 4 verschiedene Biere pro Woche gebraut - ein krasser Gegensatz zu seinem Heimatland, wo es insgesamt nur 5 verschiedene Biersorten gibt. Seitdem Marius bei Sierra Nevada angefangen hat, ist er auch experimentierfreudiger hinsichtlich der Craft-Biere geworden. Das Bier brachte es bis in den Verkostungsraum von Sierra Nevada, wo es mit Begeisterung aufgenommen wurde.

Sie verwenden auch nur die 4 Zutaten, die im Reinheitsgebot erlaubt sind. And so, unlike the more experimental nature of the American craft brew scene, German brewers tend to be purists. After realizing international work experience would set him apart from others in his program, Marius decided to work on his English. In , he enrolled in a course at California State University Chico, which is in the same city as the Sierra Nevada brewery.

However, Abe is no stranger to the benefits of working abroad. Even though Abe was studying computer science at the time, he decided to mix things up by interning at a brewpub outside Munich. This exchange program has been helpful for Sierra Nevada as well. The company learned that most people preferred the taste of the traditional German lager, which is aged four to five weeks, instead of their method of aging it only 18 days.

At Sierra Nevada, they brew three to four different kinds of beer a week—a stark contrast from his home country, where they have five beer styles in total. Since starting at Sierra Nevada, Marius has embraced the more experimental style of U. During his stint at the pilot brewing part of Sierra Nevada, Marius created his own winter beer using spices like coriander, ginger and nutmeg. Additionally, Sierra Nevada has something in common with the traditionalist style of German brewing. They also like to stick to the same four ingredients required in German law. This way, they can avoid adding in unnatural ingredients.

This article was first published on www. Reprinted with kind permission by CulturalVistas. Understanding our evolving world is the first step toward changing it. We develop international professional experiences that create more informed, skilled, and engaged citizens. Our programs empower people to drive positive change in themselves, their organizations, and society. We believe that sustained immersion in a country and language and professional experience, even more than travel or study abroad, promotes confidence and skills that create successful careers and nurture leaders, whether they are community activists or change agents at a global level.

Every year our plus unique exchange programs reach thousands of individuals and organizations in the United States and more than countries around the world. We invite you to join us as we work together to reach thousands more. Department of State visa sponsor for J-1 internship, training, and teacher exchange programs. More than 1, U.

For Christians the world-over, the week before Easter is the most important week in the religious calendar. In Germany, as in other countries, the Easter season is marked by traditional dishes served on specific days:. The main day of German Easter celebrations is Easter Sunday. For Christians it is a time for the whole family to get together to celebrate the resurrection and the end of the Lent with a festive meal. This can be either a brunch after coming home from church or a traditional Easter meal consisting of lamb, which represents innocence and humility, accompanied by fresh vegetables and potatoes.

Festive cakes are a must for the Easter Sunday afternoon with Kaffee und Kuchen! Alphonsus W.

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Alle sind willkommen! Information: Petra. Theurich schaeffler. Where to find Authentic German Food in the Midwest? Covered by scrumptious chocolate-marzipan glaze, this is a truly worthy culinary treat. Oetker vanilla pudding mix g each. Remove wax paper and let biscuit layers cool down.

Add room temperature butter bit by bit with a tablespoon and stir well. Add the third biscuit layer and top with the last third of the butter cream. Brandenburg Lamb Brandenburger Lammfleisch Brandenburg lamb is diced lamb with onions served with green beans and potatoes. After that, infuse it with the broth. Cover up the pot and braise it for one hour over medium heat. Peel and dice the potatoes. Paul, White Plains by traditional dishes served on specific days:. We seek to excite the rising generations to rediscover their roots while strengthening the political, cultural and economic transatlantic relations.

Wenn man den heutigen Prachtbau sieht, ist schnell vergessen, wie lang sich die Bauzeit hinzog und die Kosten explodierten. Puigdemont had been living in self-imposed exile in Belgium, and was arrested in Germany on his return from a trip to Finland after a European Arrest Warrant was reissued for him. The attempted unilateral secession of Catalonia from Spain dramatically failed, as Puigdemont was the last remaining figure of significance who still stood by the notion of an independent Catalan Republic declared on October 27, The Catalan process for secession, or independence, began in a political sense in , though its root causes are much deeper.

Read more: Catalonia's cultural struggle against Madrid goes back centuries. Opinion polls aside, there has never been a majority support for independence in any regional election held since , leading to a questionable legitimacy. The Spanish authorities, the main political parties and the government have repeatedly declared that the separation of a part of Spain from the national territory is illegal.

From and with more intensity from , Catalan institutions embarked on an intense international lobbying campaign to obtain international support and achieve the aim of becoming a new member state of the European Union. These three elements, ambivalent social and political support, a state explicitly hostile to any attempt at separation and a complete absence of international support, have led to the almost complete defeat for Catalan independence. The capture and imprisonment of Puigdemont symbolically closes this phase.

Between and , the Catalan movement for independence displayed extraordinary capacity for mobilisation, managing to bring a million people onto the streets of Barcelona almost every year. The movement was peaceful, optimistic and celebratory, confident that separation from Spain was eminently achievable and imminent. However, this relentlessly upbeat outlook seemed to prevent recognition of hard political reality. In spite of public statements from a range of international leaders, including the European Union, supporting the continued unity of Spain, the movement told itself that when the time came, recognition for Catalonia was inevitable.

While arguably it had little choice, the EU has backed Spain in the Catalan dispute. One consequence has been a eurosceptic turn within the Catalan independence movement over perceived betrayal by Brussels. The Catalan movement for independence, as well as a number of internal and strategic errors, seriously misjudged the interest and willingness of the EU to countenance the break up of Spain. Yet, the EU is an alliance of states. The EU has been through repeated crises since and it seems astonishing that the leaders of Catalan independence thought the bloc might be supportive of further disruption.

Emlékezés a kommunista bűntettekre: a Terror Háza és az Új Köztemető

While accommodation might have been made for Scotland, this was because the British state was prepared to accept the separation of 5m Scots from a Britain of almost 65m should they vote for it in a referendum.