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Thread: Rufus's nickname. Join Date Dec Posts Rufus's nickname Hello all.

  • Renaming oneself is half-blessing, half-curse. Identity issues, anyone?!
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  • Renaming oneself is half-blessing, half-curse. Identity issues, anyone?.
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Our baby is due in five days and we don't know if it's a boy or a girl. If boy we are planning to name him Gus Levi. We love it and are quite content. However, my grandfather's name was Rufus and I have a niggling feeling that it would be wonderful to name after him.

Especially since the name Gus isn't really after anyone. Is there any way Gus could be justified as a nn for Rufus? They are so similar in sound but I think it's too much of a stretch, I'm hoping someone will disagree! Are there any other good nicknames for Rufus that might satisfy the love of Gus? The only one I can think of is Russ and I'm not fond of it.

What would some Rufus nicknames be? You could call him Rue. Both names seem to me already occupied, like theater seats. Too self-confident. Desperation: Sofia. Then one day, literally shining, out of nowhere: Star. Say what you want about it. I don't care. I'm not your trained seal anymore. Then—hyphenated to it, because why the heck not, Josselin, a version of that too-late favorite prophesied in my therapist's office long ago.

Make USB Flash Drive Bootable by “Rufus” |

This version is phonetic. I'm not pretentious. I just have fond memories of France. See how desperate I sound? Still seeking your permission? I've been to the courthouse. I have legalized my hyphenated middle name. Why am I telling you all this? Once, at a new job, I said It's my birthday and a coworker said, Should I care? But hey: I plan, sporadically, to change my byline. Career suicide? Fans, if I have them, might not realize my new works are mine.

But hey. I no longer crave fame. I will—why the heck not? In 18th-century Chinese Pidgin, derived from the Portuguese deus , it means "God. You who know me might ask what to call me. Well, why call me anything? In what contexts is saying names really required?

How often must we shout to find our friends in crowds? Enunciating the names of those right in front of us sounds desperate—e. Had I a different personality , I could say "Call me Star! It's short for Starfish! I could say "as in chewy Starburst candies! I could say, "like 'Hitch your wagon to a star. Don't call me Star.


It's more than just a name to me. It's a sacred sigil. A talisman. In any case, I'm not your creepy kindergarten classmate prancing through the sandbox shouting, Call me Ariel! It rhymes with floss and moss and sauce and semigloss and Ross! Tragically, I will to some extent always be known as vowely, alien, how-do-you-say-it Anneli.

This is my fault completely. This is one thing for which my parents cannot be blamed. OK, they can. They could have named me Stephanie. Another is that Cookie Sparrow Rufus sounds like a bad-ass tenor sax player from the be-bop era. Seriously, I don't think most readers would understand nor would you ask them to, I'd imagine just how much bravery it took to write this article. I love its blunt, chummy honesty. Too many writers for this sort of magazine distance themselves right out of their prose, lest they appear less "expert-like" and more gasp human.

When recommending your books, I've always pronounced the name "ANN-uh-lee. The name is original without being a double-taker. In the latter case, I'm referring to those poor kids who are named things like This gives it an overtly positive ring. I'm only one reader, and this might be projection, but it's a good guess anyway that this association-with-your- writings impulse is probably its most common public reception.

This is a good thing. After all, if you decide to change it one day, you can just ask online publications to include the new articles within the same linkage as the Anneli ones. The article was certainly helpful in a practical way. Yes, a possibly lame attempt to elicit laughter. The fact remains that as long as the same person is behind the words -- you know, you -- the name really doesn't matter to those of us who love your writing and cartoons. So there. Thank you! Re: emphasizing the proper syllable based on the spelling. Way back when, I told my bf-now-husband that he was wrong about everyone mispronouncing it forever.

I said, "What?

Rufus Alternative 1: Etcher (Freeware for Windows/Linux/Mac)

How could anyone see that single 'i' and think the accent could be anywhere else but on the first syllable? Masculine laughter-typing: Hah-hah-HAH. You're clever! I'll bet your books and articles are amazing. Link me to some, please. Let's see something you've done that's worth anyone's attention.

I'm looking forward to it. I always wanted to change my name too. Because I've always disliked it and felt like it didn't belong to me. It's also an unconventional spelling. However, I'm also really indecisive. This has convinced me I should just get used to it because I'll never be satisfied. I like your name spelling btw. I kind of rhymed it with "Amelie" though before you said how it was pronounced.

Great article! I didn't care for my name growing up. I always thought it wasn't 'Slavic' enough because of my heritage.

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  5. No Marija, Brankica or Katarina. I was named after my father who was Emil. But then I found out his birth name was actually Ljubomil. So he too received an Americanized tag. I also found out only a few years ago that my father wanted to name me after his sister Rosemary. My mom was dead set against that. I thought well that would have been okay, but then I would have probably been called Rose, or even worse Rosie. I couldn't have handled that. So, now after all these years I learned to deal with Emily, Em or Emi.

    I do however applaud you for doing something that many of us wished we had done, Anneli. Thanks so much and what an interesting story, Emily. You couldn't have handled Rosie any more than I could have handled Sherry short for Sharon? And now, see, Emily is one of the current most popular baby names -- top 3, for sure.

    There's an obvious "point" behind it, for any reader who's thinking of changing his or her name cf. Nonetheless, I'm impressed. You've honored the author and the website by taking up some of your time to add useful, profound commentary. Being interested enough in the essay to spend a few seconds of your fleeting lifespan on a purely negative, certainly purposeless addition to the discussion is highly original!

    Kudos, ma'am. Honestly, it reminds me of an episode of Family Guy where Quagmire names his surprisingly new daughter "Anna-lee" or similarly pronounced "Anal-ee". That is sure to be a nickname hard to avoid. Nice choice in name selection! A great article which originally catched my interest since I'm also in the process of changing my name. Don't know which one I'll choose yet but you sure gave me a lot to think about :. And seeing your name on PT site has made me wonder whether you're a Finn as I am, since that's a Finnish name too.

    Maybe your choice has made you more of a cosmopolitan and that's never a bad thing! Found your article. I like it. I also changed my name, and am having doubts about it. I changed it so people would think of me as more masculine, only for people to look at me and say "oh thats pretty!! I didn't legally change mine, but instead asked everyone to call me the name i chose for a semester. I ended the semeseter half loving it, half hating it, and mostly missing my old name. I wish i didn't have a name at all, and people would just raise their eyebrows twice to refer to me, and my name would be spelled out as "!!

    Lol i can only wish. Thank you so much for your courage in relating such a personal story. I formalized the nickname I had had since first grade, and stopped using my given name after overcoming a near fatal eating disorder 30 years ago while attending school in California. This state also operates differently and now I am having to see a judge to amend my birth certificate in order to use the name I have been called since I was 6 years old.

    It has been gut wrenching and damaging to return to a place where, once again, existing and being named in a manner with meaning for me is subject to someone else's control. I have been contemplating what to do. It all feels so overwhelming again. I have a severe dissociative disorder and barely have anything left at the moment of the functioning self I had become while I was miles away from here for 20 years. I am shocked at some of the cavalier responses you have received for the article. One's name is so important, SO important.

    Thank you profoundly for writing. Your candor and the pain laced into the humor is of great comfort and company to me tonight because I relate to so much of it. So glad I found you within the story of your name. I have to say that I find Anneli absolutely beautiful and thought so before I even began reading the copy; also pronounced it correctly like Hanalei, where Puff the magic dragon lives. It has gravitas and magic, and that is a masterful combination to pull off.

    If what's printed on real cards just feels wrong, imagine these alternatives. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Gender Segregation at Work. Changing Paradigms in International Adoption. Rufus Stuck. Follow me on Twitter. Identity issues, anyone? You might not recognize my name. Which would be sad. But also great. There's no way to type laughter in a masculine way. Just an observation. Re: Behold Submitted by S. Rufus on July 21, - pm. Were we supposed to give a rat's butt about any of that? Submitted by CA on July 21, - pm.