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  2. Did Maisie Williams use a body double in Arya Stark sex scene?
  3. Emma Watson Divulges Details Of Topless Kiss In 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows' - MTV
  4. Game of Thrones: Did Maisie Williams use a body double in Arya Stark sex scene?

While having lunch, Tormolen begins to act irrationally, expressing hostility towards other crew members, and threatening Lieutenants Sulu and Riley with a knife before turning it on himself. His wound is not life-threatening, but in Sick Bay he dies after a successful surgery, to McCoy's bewilderment. Meanwhile, both Sulu and Riley also begin to behave irrationally. Sulu acts like a 17th-century swashbuckler in the style of The Three Musketeers , while Riley revels in his Irish ancestry, locks himself in the Engineering section, and proclaims himself captain of the Enterprise.

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Those whose skin they have touched soon follow suit, and the infection quickly spreads through the crew. As they abandon their posts, the ship's orbit destabilizes and she begins to fall into the planet's erratic gravity well. As the Enterprise enters the upper atmosphere, the hull begins to heat. Chief Engineer Scott eventually regains control of Engineering from Riley, but Riley has shut down the engines. It will be impossible to restart them by normal procedures before the Enterprise crashes into the planet.

Did Maisie Williams use a body double in Arya Stark sex scene?

Spock becomes infected when Nurse Chapel takes his hands and confesses her love for the Vulcan science officer. Spock struggles to contain his emotions, and infects Captain James T. Kirk when he tries to help.

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McCoy studies blood samples from his patients and water from Psi and finds that the water from the planet possesses a previously undetected complex chain of molecules that affects humanoids like alcohol, depressing the centers of judgment and self-control, and is transmitted by touch. He develops a serum to reverse the effects, administering the initial doses to the command crew to allow them to bring the ship back under control.

Kirk orders Scott to make a full-power restart of the warp engines, a dangerous process that mixes matter and antimatter in a cold state to create a controlled implosion and drive the ship away from the planet.

Emma Watson Divulges Details Of Topless Kiss In 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows' - MTV

This is suggested by a theory postulating a relationship between time and antimatter, but it has never before been attempted. The restart is successful, propelling the Enterprise at impossible speed away from the planet into a space-time warp that sends the ship back 71 hours in time.

While Kirk hopes reliving the last three days is nothing like what they have already experienced, Spock comments that they now know a way to travel back through time. Kirk's response is "We may risk it someday, Mr.

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The ending was revised so it would become a stand-alone episode. What would have been Part Two eventually became another stand-alone episode, " Tomorrow Is Yesterday ". HD 0 MB. Share Add to Watch list.

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Overview Credits Quotes Comments. Danielle Cormack As: Liz. Joel Tobeck As: Neil. Harry Sinclair Director. See all 9 credits.

Game of Thrones: Did Maisie Williams use a body double in Arya Stark sex scene?

A certain part of me is in Liz, but basically it's me playing a character. I wanted to make her as real a person as possible, but it's not me. I was only Liz during the weekends. I was myself five days a week. Produced by John Swimmer Productions. Notre Dame beats Eiffel Tower as Paris …. Visiting France. Sorry but the period of time connection to the operation is exceeded.