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Lovely Lolita of Costa Rica

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  3. Lovely Lolita of Costa Rica by Gary Davis | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®
  4. Lovely Lolita of Costa Rica
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Been to El Jardin de Lolita? Share your experiences!

Other relationships revolve around the usual subjects of romance, family life, money, and commitment. Davis ends up building a vacation property in Playa Junquillal in Guanacaste. Although he has no qualms about using his real name and telling everyone about his romantic life, the names of the Lolita Ticas are never disclosed. Perhaps the use of the term Lolitas is a bit of a mistake on the part of Davis.

Lolita Stands Her Ground

Clearly all of his girlfriends are at least eighteen years of age or older, and the name Lolita has some associations that do not apply here. It is also clear that the stories could be developed a good deal more than the brief experiences he shares. After passing the customs and immigration control, we took a taxi from the modern Airport to our first centrally located hotel with a spectacular view of the popular Football Stadium Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica.

Yes, Costa Ricans love football, and we do not mean the American way.

Been to Lola's? Share your experiences!

Since it was the green season in Costa Rica, it mostly started raining in the afternoon while the day started sunny and hot. Showers of rain and thunderstorms are part of every Costa Rica trip during European late summer season but with the right clothing, it is not a problem, seriously. The region around the volcano offers several resorts with a spectacular view over the volcano.

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We could have stayed much longer and explore, for instance, the lake Laguna de Arenal, but this has to become part of our next trip to Costa Rica! Leaving the central region of Costa Rica behind, we started our long trip to the Pacific coast in the north-western Costa Rican province Guanacaste.

But the long bus ride itself was an experience as well. Our final destination was the peninsula of Papagayo that is the home of several extraordinary luxurious and gay-friendly hotels.

And, you already know from previous trips, we love some good adrenalin shots as well. During our visit to the animal sanctuary afterwards, we were able to see some of the most beautiful birds in the world, Toucans. Our first week was full of adventures, thrilling experiences and wonderful views over the unique Costa Rican landscape.

Lovely Lolita of Costa Rica by Gary Davis | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

And you know what, we found the perfect place for some romantic relaxing vacation days. We stayed in an ocean-view villa with private infinity pool and simply the best sunsets you can imagine. We simply had the perfect gaycation at Casa Chameleon and can totally imagine choosing this accommodation as our gay honeymoon resort… hehehe….

The guide for Costa Rica will be continuously updated, so you will always find the most updated information, links, and photos. Did you discover something great in Costa Rica recently? Let us know! We will review and update our Costa Rica guide asap. But our trip was not over yet, it was just halftime and we were on our way back to central Costa Rica, to the world famous cloud forest of Monteverde.

The ride was a real adventure driving most of the time over a gravel serpentine mountain road. In google maps, the distance from the Pacific coast to Monteverde actually seemed to be much shorter than the actual trip duration. Now we know why.

Lovely Lolita of Costa Rica

But with every meter uphill, the clouds came closer and closer and the forest became greener and greener. We arrived jarred but happy in Santa Elena in our modern and spacious apartment in the treetops of the surrounding rainforest. The weather changed rapidly from sunny weather when we arrived in cloudy mist with showers just one hour later. But that was why we were in Monteverde, to experience the cloud forest, right? What an incredible adventure.

5 naturally beautiful eco-lodges in Costa Rica

Time flies, even in paradise. Before we traveled to Costa Rica, we always imagined the landscape of the Central American country to be like in the Jurassic Park movies part one and two with dense tropical rainforest, high humidity, warm temperatures and a high number of insects and animals. And to be fair, nature and landscape really are like that. But instead running away from a T-Rex, just add a gay-friendly luxurious accommodation to it and voila, the Costa Rican dream came true. Oh, not to forget the private beach all beaches in Costa Rica are public space but some are just harder to find.

Simply the perfect way of saying goodbye Costa Rica!