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A number of National Societies have wanted to do this in the past, but that little word or prevented it. Additional Protocol III not only creates the red crystal, it also varies the way states and their National Societies can use all of the emblems. A lot of work will need to be done at national and international levels once the Statutes have been amended. In some countries there may need to be adjustments to national legislation so that National Societies can have access to the flexibility established by t he Protocol.

T he ICR C and the International Federation will support this work with advice, recognizing that this new situation calls for clarity to ensure that everybody in the world has the same understanding of the opportunities now available. For many, both inside and outside the Movement, the red crystal is an unfamiliar design. So when will it become a reality in the eyes of a wider public? It all depends on when and where the red crystal begins to be used. States and their National Societies have the option to use it as well. However, it has been made very clear from the outset of the process that no state or National Society need change anything because of the adoption of the Protocol, unless, of course, they want to or decide that the red crystal should be used for a temporary or emergency purpose in conditions where their own emblem would not be perceived as neutral.

It has always been assumed that the red crystal would make its first appearance in two countries where there were unrecognized National Societies, Eritrea and Israel. As for the recognized National Societies, they already use either the red cross or the red crescent. It was one of the criteria for their recognition. But now there is an alternative emblem, would any of them consider a change?

The emblem is an emotive subject for the Movement. National Societies are strongly attached to their identity, summed up for most by the use of the red cross or red crescent symbol. A few have expressed interest. It is an important decision that can only be taken by a National Society on the basis of its own national law. However, it is not difficult to imagine the type of country where the option might have some appeal. While still asserting the neutral nature of all the emblems, countries that have very culturally mixed populations might view using both the red cross and red crescent within the red crystal, by the National Society, as more appropriate to their particular situation.

Red crystals - MEL Chemistry

Such usage might also broaden the appeal of a National Society, bringing it additional donors and volunteers. It is possible that countries with unrecognized National Societies, such as Eritrea, will opt for the red crystal with the double emblem within it. However, no decision has yet been taken. It is too early to be certain about this. Perhaps the most important impact in the short term will be on the universality of the Movement as new members join.

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This has been a priority for both the International Federation and the ICRC during the many years of the emblem debate. In the longer term, the adoption of the red crystal should end the danger of proliferation of the emblems and the fear that such a trend would weaken their essential role: protection on the battlefield. Most of the fleet is made up of regular size vans providing Basic Life Support.


These are called Lavan which in Hebrew means "White" due to their external aspect and to differentiate them from the MICU, which have orange stripes on the sides. Ambulance drivers are EMTs or higher with a drivers' license for emergency vehicles. They are called Natan if a physician is on board or Atan if it is only staffed by paramedics and EMTs.

Major stations include special units called "Taaran" for responding to mass casualty events such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks. Previous attempts by MDA to integrate independent helicopter service in the s were unsuccessful because of high cost. Unique among civilian emergency medical services due to its role as national aid society according to the Geneva Conventions, MDA can become an auxiliary arm of the Israel Defense Forces during times of war. Decommissioned MDA ambulances have been donated to a number of kibbutzim , moshavim , factories, and communities on both sides of the Green Line.

Crews manning these lifesaving vehicles are trained and certified by Magen David Adom. From its creation until , Magen David Adom was denied membership in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement since it had refused to replace its red Star of David emblem with a pre-approved symbol. The stated reason for the denial of membership was concerns about symbol proliferation; at the same conference that granted use of the Red Crescent and Red Lion and Sun , a limitation was placed on acceptance of any further emblems.

Similar concerns of India , Ceylon , and the former Soviet Union regarding the use of non- Hindu and seemingly religious symbols were also dismissed by the ICRC, but their national bodies chose to adopt the Red Cross as their official emblems in order to gain entry. The Red Cross — the inverse of the Swiss flag, the country of origin of the founder of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement — is not intended as a religious symbol, but is often perceived as such. Critics of the ICRC assert discrimination since Turkey and Egypt were granted membership in while using the Islamic Red Crescent as its emblem, citing the same concerns about the cross.

Bernadine Healy , then president of the American Red Cross , wrote: "The international committee's feared proliferation of symbols is a pitiful fig leaf , used for decades as the reason for excluding the Magen David Adom — the Shield or Star of David.

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In addition, there are bilateral cooperation agreements between MDA and a number of national Red Cross societies. On 7 December , a diplomatic conference of states party to the Geneva Conventions adopted a third additional protocol , thereby introducing a new protective emblem, dubbed the " Red Crystal. The new symbol is a red square frame tilted at a degree angle. According to the rules of the third additional protocol, MDA can continue to use the Red Star of David as its sole emblem for indicative purposes within Israel.

Red Crystals Explained

For indicative use in abroad missions, MDA can, depending on the specific situation in the host country, either incorporate the Red Star of David inside the Red Crystal or use the Red Crystal alone. Under the agreements, the MDA agreed to operate within the international legal framework applicable to the Palestinian territory occupied by Israel in , and recognized that the Palestine Red Cross Society was the authorized national society in the Palestinian territory.

In December , the International Conference of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement "noted with regret" that the agreement had not been fully implemented and decided to continue the monitoring process. Rescue efforts would "officially" be administered by regional councils instead, and would not use the red Magen David symbol.

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As a result, many contributors reportedly stopped donating to the MDA; some young settlers, a considerable percentage of the volunteer force, stopped volunteering for the MDA in protest. The emblem on five mobile intensive care units and nine ambulances that MDA still operating in the West Bank will be replaced by the end of Magen David Adom's tracing service was established to assist in locating relatives lost in the Holocaust. In —, the service handled 5, applications. Magen David Adom provides some restrictions on who can donate blood, largely in line with CDC guidelines.

For example, donors must be above 18 years old or 16 years old with parental permission and below 65 years old. Restrictions that previously barred Ethiopian immigrants from donating blood were also dropped. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The third protocol emblem, also known as the Red Crystal.

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Red crystals

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