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Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. In , life is for survivors.

Memories of the revolution are fading. Strange science involving the government is emerging regardless of controversy.. A new brand of neo-pagan religion is regarded by the Friends of Earth as the ultimate enlightenment, except that the Christians continue to hold onto their own faith in sharp contrast. Bibles must be circulated secretly.

Gl In , life is for survivors.

Gideon Black Designer Reading Glasses | Foster Grant

Globalization has merged continents. Yearning for a warm and loving marriage, Yvette works hard as a housewife and on their Iowa dairy farm to satisfy her husband, Luke, and tries to motivate him to be a loving and caring husband and father. But hidden Beyond Tzaaden. Chicago entrepreneur Cecelia Grace Giatano is rich, beautiful, and successful.

She can step into a She can step into a boardroom and handle business affairs with faultless finesse, but when it comes to personal relationships, she's clueless. Running from the insecurities of her lonely childhood, First Soprano. God has gifted you with this amazing talent, Joshlyn. Don't waste it. Sixteen year old Joshlyn Wright Sixteen year old Joshlyn Wright is a simple girl who has been granted a rare gift: an angelic, first soprano voice. Her intent is to use this gift to glorify Does knowing the past ever prepare one for the future? Gwendolyn would find this out. Who had been her mother and father?

Had they loved her Would she ever know? Gwendolyn, an orphan raised by her grandmother, tried to As voices began to call upon God for deliverance, God used Gideon to answer the need.

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Gideon was a reluctant leader who was finally convinced of the power of God. He ultimately led the children of Israel in victory over their enemies, the Midianites.

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We find the account of Gideon's defeat of the Midianites in Judges Gideon's army of 32, was reduced in size vss. Already sorely outnumbered the enemy numbered over , swordsmen , most would see this as a time to go out and recruit more warriors. But it might be that after the victory the Lord would give them, the people might think it had been by their own strength and ability that they had won the victory. So, the Lord commanded Gideon to further reduce the number under his command " Some 22, departed leaving 10, to fight the Midianites.

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So, it went from being outnumbered 4 to 1 to being outnumbered 12 to 1. At the site to which the Lord had directed Gideon's army there was drinkable water. The army stopped to drink and 9, knelt down on their knees so they might drink directly from the stream. The other cupped their hands and took water into them, drinking it from their hands as a dog would lap water from his bowl.

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Gideon's divided into three groups of each. They spaced themselves around the Midianite camp, and when signaled, they broke the pitchers revealing the torches. They shouted, "The sword of the Lord and of Gideon! There was much confusion in the camp as startled Midianite fought against Midianite in the darkness.