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  3. Where are they going ?
  4. Japan’s 115-year-old Jiroemon Kimura among world’s 64 oldest people, makes history

A family-owned store, it had only sold traditional Japanese fishing tackle until the nineteen-seventies, which is when the son the current owner started to import U. They are always working on new and creative techniques. The dropshot technique that the Japanese introduced to America several years back has by now become a household term to US bass anglers.


But the Japanese have created other new techniques and lures. Hata introduced the Inchi Wacky technique to the Japanese press soon after he returned from a tournament in Korea in a feature article with Lure Magazine. They are a new genre of lipless lures that swim with an action that traces the letter S through the water throughout the retrieve.

Deps is a leading Japanese lure producer that just started being seen in the USA in Another company, Evergreen, is actually number one product-wise in Japan right now.


morizo world tour 05 cuba japanese edition Manual

Evergreen International is said to be the leading bass tackle manufacturer in Japan today. Photo by Lure Magazine.

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Japanese anglers crowd the exhibition hall, quite eager to learn from Morizo Shimizu, an Evergreen pro-staffer who is very well-respected for being a successful angler in the United States. Hence, the amount of research and detail they put into their lures. The average angler here is much more in tune with what each manufacturer is producing and all of their new tackle. There is a strong awareness of precisely how each and every manufacturer and model of Japanese bait measures up against all others. Guys would come in and buy lures by the basketful if they heard that it was working or if it was a trend written about in a Japanese bass magazine.

Yet the bass anglers support five national monthly bass magazines in Japan. A few are several hundred pages long per issue, a magazine size unheard of in the USA.

Chocolate / ช็อคโกแลต

Lures, of course, are an important part of this. After all, it is the lure that the fish dreams to bite. All necessary? Yet the fish dreams of the lure alone, and the fish honors the manufacturer who made it and honors the angler who presents this lure to the fish in the manner that is befitting for the fish to bite it.

Where are they going ?

He respects it, thanks it for making the dream his reality, and returns it carefully back to its life. The man and the fish have both been set free. It is the moment that fishing means. Actually, some US anglers do something quite similar. Indeed, it is common for American anglers to also fondly display their favorite tackle, memorable photos or killer lures in a special area or arrangement in the family den, on the mantelpiece or wherever.

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No one else in the family dares touch it. We dream.

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It is the same dream as all anglers worldwide. With his dual country bass fishing experiences, his industry involvement with Optimum Baits in Japan and the USA, Matt is qualified to share what he feels are the differences in bass fishing between the two countries. So you may only have a small stretch of water within which one can operate. What methods and with what lure? With U. How am I going to find the fish first, and lures and tactics are secondary, almost unimportant in relation to finding the fish.

You hear American anglers describe this mind-set all the time. So their first and only focus is what tactics and lures to get the fish in that given spot to cooperate. Creating something the bass have never seen before improves the odds of catching fish. There are legendary pro anglers in Japan, national stars who have climbed to the top of bass mountain in their own country. So they embark to the United States with the mind-set and ability to achieve top tournament status in the states.

In Japan, these hometown heroes are closely followed.

Japan’s 115-year-old Jiroemon Kimura among world’s 64 oldest people, makes history

Their stateside fishing techniques are emulated. They tend to be movers and shakers, designers and promoters of some of the most highly successful bass tackle on the Japanese market. A top Japanese pro is in close contention to win any major tournament in the USA, and their successes are followed here too, in practically every major bass TV show or fishing magazine in the USA.

Hands down that title belongs to Katsutaka Imae, age 41, from Osaka, Japan, and you may not have heard of the hottest soft plastic bait in Japan in recent times either, the Javallon made by his company, Imakatsu. He fishes for BIG fish only. He holds the Japanese record at The third member of the world championship-leading crew has never raced in Japan and is sampling his first experience of the country while his two team-mates act as eager tour guides.

The organisers are talking about 20, spectators, but I know there will be more. It is quite technical, with an extremely long straight that ends with a hairpin before three fast corners and then some slow turns. In our Audi, the braking for turn one is just incredible — I've never braked so late here! In fact, it took several attempts to forget my old marks. We completed a lot of work during the test session and all three of us got through what we needed to.

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