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She places him under the care of a live-in nurse. He sneaks out and drives to New York City to tell the world about Tralfamadore. Once in the city, Billy goes to Times Square.

Slaughterhouse-Five Teacher’s Guide

He sees four Kilgore Trout books in the window of an adult bookstore and goes in to read them. One of the books is about an earthling man and woman who are kidnapped by aliens and taken to a zoo on a faraway planet. Home Literature Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter 9. Slaughterhouse-Five by: Kurt Vonnegut. Character List Billy Pilgrim. Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts. Chapter 9 Summary A hysterical Valencia drives to the hospital where Billy is recovering from the plane crash.

He speaks of being kidnapped by Tralfamadorians and being kept in a zoo with actress Montana Wildhack, with whom he mates. There is no mention, however, of how he escapes or what happens to the child the two inmates produce. He checks himself into a mental hospital in because his life no longer has meaning. While attempting to find meaning in his life, Billy meets Eliot Rosewater who introduces him to a Science Fiction author named Kilgore Trout.

Billy claims he travels through time and discovers free will does not exist, a fact that gives him solace from all the death and destruction he witnesses as a soldier. The time travel stories begin after he fractures his skull in a plane crash. Billy sobs uncontrollably after the war, a sign of post traumatic stress disorder. Billy needs a vibrating bed in order to sleep at night. He falls asleep while giving eye examinations. Erratic sleep patterns is another symptom of post traumatic stress disorder. He and his fellow POWs are marched to a shed, where a one-armed, one-eyed corporal writes their names and serial numbers in a ledger.

Now the prisoners are legally alive — moments before, they were missing in action.

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Following a quarrel between a guard who understands English and an American who mutters some offensive remark, each prisoner is given a dog tag with a number stamped on it. The tag is perforated through the center: In case of death it can be snapped in two — one part to mark the corpse, the other to mark the grave. Billy and his fellow prisoners are housed with a group of fifty spirited Englishmen, who have been imprisoned for four years. That night in the Englishmen's compound, the English officers perform a musical version of Cinderella.

Watching it, Billy begins to laugh hysterically, and then he begins to shriek. He continues shrieking until he is carried out of the shed to the hospital, where he is tied down in bed and given a shot of morphine. The morphine triggers another time trip, this time to spring Billy finds himself in a New York veterans' hospital, where he has voluntarily committed himself to a ward for nonviolent mental patients.

In the bed next to Billy is a former infantry captain named Eliot Rosewater, who introduces Billy to the science-fiction novels of Kilgore Trout.

Stranger Things Season 3 Ending Explained | Time

Billy and Rosewater have one thing in common — both have found life meaningless and are trying to come to grips with the horrors of World War II. During the war, Rosewater mistook a year-old fireman for a German soldier and shot him. Billy experienced the senseless destruction of life during the firebombing of Dresden.


Science fiction is a tool that Billy and Rosewater both use to reconstruct themselves and their universe. In a split second, Billy is flung back to before being hurled ahead once more to the veterans' hospital.

Drawn into their conversation, Rosewater tells them that he is reading a Kilgore Trout novel, The Gospel from Outer Space, about an alien who visits Earth and writes a new Gospel. In the new Gospel, Jesus is not the Son of God, yet people still decide to lynch this nobody.

Mandy's Couch Gag

Billy time trips again, and this time he travels to the Tralfamadore zoo, where he is confined in a geodesic dome. Outside the dome, thousands of Tralfamadorians observe him. Naked, Billy goes through the regimen of eating, washing the dishes, and putting them away; he does a series of exercises; he shaves, trims his toenails, and sprays deodorant under his arms.

Outside, a guide lectures telepathically to the crowd. When one of the spectators asks Billy if he is happy on Tralfamadore, he answers that he is about as happy as he was on Earth. Billy is surprised to learn that the Tralfamadorians are not alarmed by the acts of murder and war carried out on Earth. Asked about the most valuable thing he has learned on Tralfamadore, he replies that it is how the inhabitants of an entire planet can live together in peace.

In soaring elocution, he describes the murder and mayhem that take place on Earth, and he concludes by suggesting that this mass behavior will surely be a threat to the future of the universe. But the Tralfamadorians find him ignorant: They know how the universe will end, and madness and violence on Earth have nothing to do with it. A Tralfamadorian conducting experiments with flying-saucer fuel will blow up the universe.