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The common past of the father and the soldier faces themselves while Pinocchio transforms the crude reality into fantasy with a posthumous sacrifice, a metamorphosis of fire, thanks to its human soul. Una pareja de ancianos viven obsesionados por no separarse del mar. In a post apocalyptic Iberian Peninsula the tribes which make a dying society survive. There is a fierce struggle throughout the Hispanic territory to gain control over the Mother Teat, from which emanates the only available sustenance in thousands of kilometers: a dubious quality red wine.

An elderly couple are obsessed with not to be separated from the sea. Their passion hides much more than a simple lifestyle. Their passion for the sea is a secret that we could only discover if we look through their eyes. Un viaje emocional por su pasado y sus ilusiones.

An ordinary man, on a typical morning, he dresses as a cowboy to go to work. An emotional travel through his past and his illusions. The adventure of a man who dreams awake to escape from reality. It consists of murals painted by artists from all around the world, paying tribute to freedom, and documenting the euphoria and hope for a better world at the end of the Cold War. This mark of the tragic years in which the world watched how thousands of people were separated by lifting stones, without sense and without right to complain about it, is in danger of disappearing because of a realestate project that wants to build a luxury tower with apartments.

La cosa no pinta nada bien Lo que ellos no saben es que aquel objeto guarda en su interior el mayor de los secretos…. A chef that loves his job and enjoys the delicacies he cooks, is preparing a very different menu for a special group of clients. In a strange and dangerous universe, a boy named Orion and his dog Houston are in deep trouble; the evil pirate Scottish Jack chases them! On the horizon, on top of a dark and steep mountain lays their goal; a mysterious and precious object.

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What they do not know is that this object holds within the greatest secret Its author, Isabel Medarde, analyzes in this audiovisual projects the five proposals of these artists and try to condense with a certain poetic sense what the program will be. Patchwork is the technique of reusing fabrics to create new patterns and extend their life. This film draws a parallel between the reuse of materials and the process of transplantation. We are using several techniques such as embroidery, Cut-out and 2D Animation to symbolize different aspects of her life story.

Discovering Patchwork, leads the character to question her deeper ideas. A stormy day in a humble fishing village. A lone child walking through the mud away from all social life in the depths of the forest witnesses a frightening event that disturbs his mind. He will see in his friend Bob the reason to face the harsh reality burying a secret and with it, his own childhood. A ballerina practices her dance exercises while she daydreams of an idyllic world where she is happy dancing and floating with her charming prince. She asks herself why flying and other romantic fantasies are only possible in the dream world.

Can dreams come true? How do you cure a Hydra with a migraine in each of its eight heads? A Cerberus with fleas? A hypochondriac phoenix? De vuelta a Europa recibe una oferta para dirigir un documental sobre Las Hurdes, pero no tiene dinero. En un futuro muy lejano los seres pollos viven su Edad Media. Back in Europe, he receives an offer to direct a documentary on Las Hurdes but he has no money. Together they travel to Las Hurdes, a trip that will change them forever.

In a very distant future chickens beings live their Middle Ages. One of them, raised by a family of apes, travel with his brother Monkey to Roosterville in the hope of meeting knights. There they find a society oppressed by a sinister religion that offers sacrifices to evil human gods. Y los lazos de sangre, no se pueden romper. Terroristas veganos. The arrival of a carnival fair to Villasemilla following a ten-year absence is not by chance. The fair was cursed and only to find Fortuna, the daughter of the clairvoyant Elvira, kidnapped by the magician Fellini when she was a baby, can break the spell.

They love and hate each other equally but will they be able to put aside their prejudices and differences in order to face the devastating threat of terrorism? Vegan terrorists. Los hermanos Cody y Vera, y sus amigos, disfrutan de su videojuego favorito de realidad virtual.

Los DarkDinos, hartos de ser juguetes en manos de los humanos, quieren traspasarlo y entrar en el mundo real. Pero el caos y el enfrentamiento perpetuo reinan en la ciudad. Siblings Cody and Vera and their friends are enjoying their favorite Virtual Reality video game as they usually do. The adventure starts when they are magically transported to the DinoGames universe through their VR glasses: a portal has communicated the two worlds and our characters are now inside their favorite video game. To return home, they will have to reach the Crystal Dome and open a portal between the two worlds.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the young Jesper Johansen moves to Smeerensburg, attracted by the promise of a great future if he succeeds implementing the postal service among the known as savages. But chaos and perpetual confrontation reign in the city. Why would someone write a letter to a place where everyone seems to hate each other? One day, a rude and corpulent man known as Mr.

Klaus has an altruist gesture that makes Jesper to design a plan: to get advantage of the innocence of the children and the talent of Klaus to fulfill his postal dream. What happens when six bullies are thrown together in a high-security boarding school? And if those six lost causes are six of the worst dictators in history when they were kids? What would happen if Hitler and the others had to elect a class representative democratically? What would Fidel Castro do if he had to wear braces? And if Franco still wet his bed? This is the story of Paco, a year-old, confirmed bachelor who, in the prime of his life, realizes a childhood dream: to work at home in his pajamas.

This is also a story about the bachelors, the couples, and friends who, through their hilarious anecdotes, influence their lives and relationship. La historia se desarrolla entre dos mundos. The story unfolds between two worlds. Our own, the world in which we live, and another parallel world where our beliefs and imagination dwell and the Basque mythology comes from. The hero comes back! One day, she meets Tim, an elf of the forest, who has run away from his group during the creation of the spring. Both together will experience a lot of adventures preventing the pitchman and his assistant to capture him for the show.

The teddy bear army trains young recruits for the war that has broken out against multiple creatures which threaten the safety of the teddy bear town. Juntos viven apasionantes aventuras, todas imaginarias. Daniel and Noah are ten years old and they will spend the summer in the coast.

Together, they live exciting adventures, all imaginary. Noah will have to decide between staying with their imaginary friends or undertake a journey to meet her first love. BENTO 2. Magic, action and comedy fill the adventures of this group of young deities on their last desperate attempt to save the world.

They will do it aboard the Cosmicship and they will have lots of adventures. Pueblo Bonito es un escaparate de esas inseguridades que intentamos ocultar porque nos hacen sentir vulnerables, pero que al fin y al cabo, nos hacen tan humanos. Mimo, accompanied by Luci, with her spontaneity and innocence, will face the frustrations and misunderstandings caused by behaviors that arise from the fears of the inhabitants. Pueblo Bonito is a showcase of those insecurities we try to hide because they make us feel vulnerable, but at the end of the day, makes us so human.

Welcome to the fun Dummysaur community! Nothing here is what it seems to be: dinosaurs have become vegetarians, they fulfill daily responsibilities and love funky stuff. Ellos son descendientes de antiguos linajes de piratas, han sido entrenados y no tienen miedo. Ellos son los Flying Squirrels. Su incontrolable inventiva y determinada naturaleza le empujan a probar cualquier cosa nueva siempre que puede.

Five friends get into the depths of Dragon City in search of a trunk that fulfills every wish. They are descendants of ancient pirates lineages, they have been trained and they are not afraid. They are The Flying Squirrels. Crazy comedy about an imaginative twelve-year-old hamster trying to find his place in the world.

His uncontrollably inventive and driven nature pushes him to try anything new, any chance he gets. In each episode, Jebediah will set a new goal for himself, he will try a new job, or face a new challenge. Navegan entre sus ideas en este subconjunto de la realidad que dispone de mecanismos propios. Un entorno mental construido por ellos mismos que hace que perciban las cosas de una determinada manera. Micromundo es ese espacio que hay entre la realidad y los individuos.

The Klints are five little aliens whose spaceship crashed accidentally into Earth preventing them from coming back to their home, Planet K. They will be accompanied by Pilka, the ladybird that lives with them, and Ernest a 6-year-old boy who is the only human that knows about their existence and will help them solve their problems. Microworld is the particular and personal perception we all have from our surroundings, that represents the basis from which we understand the world. The characters find themselves in this universe apparently paralyzed. They go through this reality subset that has its own mechanisms.

A mental environment built by them that influences their perception of things. This pseudo-environment, in which the characters are immersed, is not too different from the one that involves us. Microworld is that space between reality and individuals. It is an empty place that allows us to be free and, sometimes, condemns us. Trance no es un ciudadano normal y corriente. The everyday lifes of two friends who live in an extraordinary place, a pretty normal house. But since it is Ping-Pong ball sized, everything is amazing for him.

Momochi is a restless and inquisitive little white ball, imprudent as a child, always accompanied in his adventures by his best friend, It, and intrepid little spider who is a compulsive collector. Although the friends have the best intentions, yet they manage to cause trouble, wherever they go.

Trance is not an ordinary citizen. He wears a purple suit and looks like a slender porcupine. Despite this, and like everyone else, he needs to face daily problems. But he has a secret weapon to escape with flying colours from these situations: his amazing imagination! Tras el cataclismo conocido como el Gran Pedo, la Tierra se ha convertido en un culo gigante invadido por mutantes. After the cataclysm known as the Big Fart, Earth has turned into a giant butt, infested with mutants.

Nena Space Music is an animated, musical and educational miniseries, where children learn in a fun way, to the rhythm of music, basic knowledge, ecological values environmental respect, coexistence and social relations, values of equality and solidarity, good eating and hygiene habits. All this through the adventures that the characters live in a fantasy world, where the child has fun while developing their imagination and creativity.

An animation series loved by both children, for their aesthetic, and adults for its humour doses and the inner storyline. Pocoyo has grown and therefore his audience too. Consequently, in this season adventure with fantastical and science fiction components will be especially relevant. Pocoyo is a lively child who shares his world with his inseparable and a bit grouchy friend Pato and with the loving elephant Elly. In addition, this season will include the arrival of a new character that will revolutionize the relationships between our friends and will open our eyes to a world full of possibilities.

Dark Net has the power to turn anyone who looks at it into a zombie. Story of a little girl that, in her quest for true friendship, summons a primitive creature from another dimension. Historia del cielo explora la juventud de Solar y Lunar, que son gemelos y ambos nacidos con un gran poder.

Cuando aparece una hechicera, Lunar se expone a la magia negra. Have you ever wondered how a solar eclipse is created? Although the actual event can be breath taking, it is all about the science. Imagine a folktale about this astronomical spectacle, a tale of the sun and moon? How they shine so bright in our skies through the day and night and how the eclipse occurs making our skies magical. When an enchantress appears, Lunar is exposed to dark magic.

Can Solar break this curse? Will we see the first ever solar eclipse? NW4 1SG London bella. Tank-U es un tanque abandonado en medio de un mundo que no conoce. Una alerta a la infancia para que elija el camino que quiera con un mensaje claro: todo se puede hacer de otra forma. Siempre se puede cambiar. Tank-U is an abandoned tank in a unknown world.

On its way of misadventures he will meet Mina and Drone who end up being its family. They will be in an inner adventure full of obstacles while they will discover who they are and who they can be. Tank-U is an anti-war call and slap on a society that separates the old, broken and pigeonholed. A warning to children because they can choose their own way and it sends a clear message: everything can be done otherwise.

You can always change. Amazing, exciting and fun approach about the chess game. We will join with a few likeable and unforgettable characters that they will discover us much more than a game. In this series of three-minute short films, wind-ups are always disturbing each other, they run, burn, dance, crash, have sex, chase after one another and destroy everything in their path. In this whole mess, the weakest wind-ups both shake things up and put them in order again. After all this, we will have made fun of social taboos.

Its main business is to bring peace to those conflict areas where its clients have strategic interests. Me llamo Owen Scott. Ellos se dedican a experimentar con aquellos que no son normales. My name is Owen Scott. Just a few hours ago I was a baker in San Antonio, Texas, who was working hard to give my daughter everything she may need. I am a single father, my wife Rosa died 15 years ago. Those tyrants from the organization named Kiminster Laboratories killed her.

They are the same ones who have kidnapped me and my little child, Elise. They experiment with people like us, who were not born normal. In Agatha Knife you will join a little butcher in the creation of a brand new religion called Carnivorism. Ha estado durmiendo durante demasiado tiempo, pero ahora una voz le ha despertado y debe adentrarse en lo desconocido.

Aqueloo is a small drop in a huge, dangerous and dying world. He has been sleeping for far too long, but now a voice has awaken him, and he must go into the unknown. Using his ability of changing his physical state into gas, liquid or solid , he must overcome every difficulty, trap and enemy in his journey to save his world. Help Alicia Van Volish to escape from District 8 and discover the source of the mysterious Golden Sphere through a great story, written by the 3 times Eisner award-winning writer Greg Rucka. An indie first-person horror adventure game with survival elements in which you assume the role of the Professor Dyer, geologist of the Miskatonic University, who traveled in to Antarctica as a leader of a research expedition.

But in Antarctica disaster always lurks adventurers like a shadow. And in the most cold and desolate place on earth it is easy to find death or even worse, you can find the mountains of madness…. In certain parts of the game we will need to use the phone gyroscope available virtual reality and in the case of PC we will do it through the peripheral Oculus Rift CV1.

In the near future, medicine will experience a great revolution thanks to a new technology that can reduce people and objects at the microscopic level: the nanoreduction. BioPatrol main resource is the Proteus, a one-person submarine equipped with medical surgical laser, mechanical arms, antibiotic guns, oxygen bombs and an automated genetic laboratory. Walk inside the human body and admire its grandeur from a microscopic point of view. Destroy infections and parasites with nanosurgical precision with the laser or antibiotic gun.

If you find yourself in trouble, you still have a last chance: the oxygen bomb. Escape from a wide network of linked mazes while restlessly slaughtering thousands of enemies in a world made of twisted religious iconography. Investigation episodic game with Noire comic style where we control Eliot Ness in a fictional city called Santa Esperanza.

Calendula es un metajuego. Calendula es una experiencia. Calendula es una flor. Calendula es un misterio. Calendula es un vaso lleno de sangre Professor Cerebellum has discovered this fact and has built a super cannon to frighten the invaders with brain waves. Train your brain to charge the cannon with your brain energy and shoot the aliens invading the Earth. Calendula is a meta game. Calendula is an experience. Calendula is a flower. Calendula is a mystery. Calendula is a glass full of blood Calendula is your deepest secret.

Shooter online en primera persona basado en un mundo completamente personalizable y destructible y una gran variedad de modos de juego. Online first-person shooter based on a fully customizable and destructible world and a wide variety of game modes. Action puzzle game in which you must gather materials and tools to build the tallest tower in the world while you face huge enemies. Alone or with a friend, you could play all 50 levels in the history mode, try to survive as long as you can in the Survival mode or take on a friend in Battle mode.

Join Hans in a fantasy world and experience a unique adventure full of surprises and challenges. Get hooked on an immersive tale, where every decision counts and every clue is a piece to solve the puzzle and get the treasure. Unravel the sordid secrets of the castle, meet colorful characters, and remember: horror always lurks beneath the surface. Cubzzle is a video game that will make you rack your brains: a puzzle inside a cube.

You will have to play with the gravity, move the objects, the character and the cube itself to guide it through all the colorful levels. Will you be able to find the exit? Dead Fred is a western arcade game. The protagonist is a charismatic skeleton that will have to cross dangerous worlds to rescue the skull babies kidnapped by the evil were-mole. Baron Von Sottendorff is an aristocrat of the early 20th century.

He is a nobleman, with a great presence, settled in an impressive mansion. Although he can get in and out of the mansion anytime, what he does not know is that he is actually trapped inside his own mind.

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  3. Complete Medical Guide For Disease Volume XII; Gout;
  4. Finding Home (Lawes Raiders, Book 1).
  5. Avengers: Infinity War [reseña]: Un triunfo de excesos;
  6. Quest of the Royal Twins.

La familia de Tim el Dinosaurio ha sido raptada por una banda de brujas venidas del futuro. Tiene varios tipos de puzles diferentes, cuatro personajes jugables y diferentes modos de juego. The family of Tim the Dinosaur, has been abducted by a gang of evil witches from the future. The good witch will give Tim powers to enable him catching geo-magical shapes for preparing potions that would help him defeating them.

In this adventure kids have fun while learning shapes, colors, numbers and first words.


It has several kinds of puzzle, four playable characters and different game modes. It has been developed in twelve languages, so it can be also used to learn first words in a foreign language. Story of the young and enigmatic Tarpak, an impulsive and brave guy with extraordinary abilities: a strong sensory union with nature and a special symbiosis with his inseparable dog, Tarao. Together, they will embark on a journey in search of the truth behind the disappearance, under strange circumstances, of his parents. He inherited a considerable fortune from them, an intelligence to be put to use for those who most need it, and a profound respect for nature which ended up in this strong link with Tarao and other animals.

On his journey, He will have to protect the planet from the threat of Cornish Inc. In their fight against Cornish, they will count on the use of their only weapon: a rubber ball. This, with its movements and rebounds on any surface, will allow them to confront any enemy that gets in their way. Pues esta idea nos vino a la mente hace unos meses y por fin se ha hecho realidad. Hachas, balas, katanas y cualquier cosa que te puedas imaginar dotado de un alto sentido del humor para llevar los juegos de lucha a otro nivel.

A turn based combat game for PS4 with funny and amazing visuals mixing cartoon style, middle ages epic and Mexican wrestling, where fighters from different families face each other in their struggle for victory in the Great Tournament of the Three Volcanoes. The great innovation in this title is that players will be able to draw their own fighters using their smartphone or tablet, and using a unique technology created by Wildbit Studios RTSE , import them as 3D characters into the game, after syncing with their PS4 console.

A crazy 2D online local fighting game for players, in which dynasties of different historical ages will fight until only one of them remains alive. Can you imagine a samurai jumping over a Viking ambushed by a cowboy? This idea came to our minds months ago and triggered this project we are now embarking on. Axes, bullets, Japanese swords and anything imaginable combined to humor bring fighting games to a new dimension. Juego de aventuras de plataformas en el que debes reconstruir un mundo devastado.

This adventure is carried out in four settings which include different kinds of dynamics, from logic jigsaw puzzles to different ability quizzes that will test the skills of the most experimented player. Adventure platformer in which you have to reconstruct a devastated world. It is full of characters who will give you powerful abilities; they will be really useful to defeat all the enemies!

You are going to need all your skills to solve the puzzles and overcome the platform zones in the levels. Are you ready to cross over beyond the crystal? En Guadalingo se recrea la experiencia de vivir y aprender un idioma, el jugador adquiere los conocimiento necesarios al completar las misiones y divertirse con sus amigos. The best way to learn a language is by living in it! Guadalingo is the first social video game designed exclusively for language education in a virtual multiplayer world. In Guadalingo, the experience of living and learning a language is recreated, and the player acquires knowledge while completing the language challenge and having fun with their friends.

Gloomy adventure full of enigmas where the exploration of your surroundings comes to prominence; puzzles, secrets and riddles will help you discover who has locked you in this somber hotel room and most importantly, why. The moment you play The Guest you feel that something special is in it.

Endless game where each level modify the gameplay, based always on the gravity of a hexagon.

  • Helen Hessel, la mujer que amó a Jules y Jim (Spanish Edition);
  • Alberi: Conoscere e riconoscere tutte le specie più diffuse di alberi spontanei e ornamentali (Guide compact) (Italian Edition);
  • Fundamentacion de la Metafisica de las Costumbres [Anotado] (Spanish Edition).
  • Of Ghosts and Dreams!
  • Online multiplayer side-scrolling sci-fi shooter where two teams up to 10 players fight inside the planet Hive IV. The battles are set on a hexagonal shaped map split into 6 different zones, each one with its own gravity direction. You can play heroes of different races and equip them with weapons and abilities of your choice to fit your favorite game style and combine with the rest of the team to reach the most competitive set. Old-school first person shooter set in Egypt with roguelike mechanics: procedural dungeons, permanent death, different classes with unique abilities, a complete skill tree and lots of memorable weapons.

    Yellow, an anteater, who is another day in his habitual restaurant, Zoonekas, but by mistake, the clumsy and new waiter, Jerry Giraffe, added food from other animals with his ants, in which these are hidden, so Mr. Yellow will have to set aside food and eat them before they hide again. In Kommissar, you take the role of a regime commissar. Take the role of two young lawyers and shape your career in the law business with this graphic adventure filled with mysteries and sci-fi! Would you become a corrupt lawyer or a paladin of justice?

    Sigue los pasos de Kosmo, un explorador espacial novato y patoso en busca de Nova, su desaparecida novia robot. Crazy cute, purely visual, puzzle-filled, point-and-click, sci-fi adventure spanning all around the universe. You will follow the journey of Kosmo, a clumsy, rookie space explorer in search of Nova, his robot girlfriend. Once in the continent, they must begin their search for the city in the Centre of the World, looking to return the memory to that world, now lost. But getting there will not be easy.

    The City is not a physical place: It is beyond the dreams and the trip will definitely be hard and dangerous for our characters, who now have not only Nubla to achieve their goal but with many other characters and inhabitants of that world will be finding in their way. Incremental game with only one objective: to become a magnate. Blurring the lines between the RPG and strategy genres, Megamagic recaptures the unmistakable flavor of the 80s in a game filled with pop culture references and magnified by the incredible music by Mitch Murder.

    It features a deep combat system that put five different schools of magic at your command, challenging you to unveil the secrets hidden in neon-bathed cities. Learn spells and summon the creatures you have beaten, leading a powerful army of creatures on your own style. Develop your own playstyle as you become the greatest wizard in the world. Una nueva experiencia de action racing. In the multiplayer mode, up to 4 players may fight with a maximum of 8 players online.

    Train and evolve your Moerakis to compete in online matches and tournaments on this exciting and sensational new e-Sport. A new action and racing experience. Compete against your friends in frenetic battles that mix action and driving in a way never seen before. Choose between more than 12 unique vehicles and customize them with unique talents, weapons and skills. Only the most skilled will rise victorious. Will you become the Ultimate Striker?

    Abandonada durante 3. Noahmund cuenta la historia de uno de sus tres continentes, Feros. After the great cataclysm that devastated the earth in the 23rd century, mankind had to move to the dusty planet Mars. Mars soon became the new home for the uprooted Earthlings. Abandoned for 3, years, the Earth recovered its stability and humans began to take their first steps towards moving back to their original home.

    Henry and his team are looking for Mutropolis, a mystical city that according to legend hides the great treasures of mankind. But they are not the only ones who are after it. A japanese style RPG, with 2D scroll view world exploration and an unique visual style. Noahmund develops the story of Feros, one of its three continents. Winter has become an entity itself and threatens to freeze Feros from north to south, condemning their inhabitants to run away Nubla proposes an adventure that begins in the halls of the Thyssen museum, where we find a character, an only inhabitant of an imaginary universe that exists inside the pictures.

    Following him, we will begin a journey that will take us to discover the wonderful world of Nubla, full of puzzles and forgotten places. Who has never dreamed of plunging into one of the paintings hanging on the wall of a museum and also having adventures in an unknown world? The story begins in when our hero is in his workplace, an assembly line of an electronics company in an underdeveloped country. But an explosion takes place during a typical working day by a magnetic failure.

    The explosion creates an interdimensional doorway which leads our hero to another planet where he finds a lot of vegetation and lots of old electronic devices which seems to be a technological landfill. Cuentan las leyendas que hace mucho tiempo los hombres fueron esclavizados por los malvados dragones. You play as Otem, a child who has been chosen as a sacrifice for the gods of his tribe.

    As they materialize in the center of the ring-shaped arena, you must dodge their attacks and fight back to survive the ritual and uncover the secrets of this awful tradition and the mysterious Shaman of the tribe. There are some legends that tell about how humans were enslaved by dragons in immemorial times. Algo que les hace sospechar. El cuento como nunca te lo han contado.

    The friends approach the small cabin, and when they look inside through one of the windows, they watch the local jewelry store owner, rumored to have been involved in various shady business dealings around town, dragging himself across the floor. As the jeweler takes his last breaths, he struggles to hide a little stuffed bunny rabbit toy. This makes the kids suspect about him. The fairytale as nobody has never told you.

    Help Red Riding Hood to avoid all the dangers, running, jumping and sliding through the forest. Descubre un secreto post-humano. Uncover a post-human secret. Combine unique attacks. Enjoy a world of immerse bitstream and synthwave action; Act upon conflicting ideologies. It reproduces a fantasy world thanks to a forgotten gate. Towns of different historic periods battle.

    In the first game we find the Greek, Northern and Egyptian factions with a complementary faction of mercenaries beasts, zombies, elementary, etc. Playability, strategy and art as stamp of guarantee. Videojuego Arcade de tenis para toda la familia y todas las edades. Juega en diferentes competiciones contra tus amigos tanto en modo local con hasta cuatro jugadores, como en modo online contra alguien del otro lado del mundo.

    We have to discover the secrets of the ancient temple of Apollo, dodging traps and platforms while we face a lot of mythological beings with our sword before the last grain of sand falls in the clock of destiny. Arcade tennis game for the whole family and all ages. Play competitions against your friends in local up to 4 players and online mode.

    Customize your Smoot and enjoy a story mode with more than 60 different tournaments around the world, you can improve your skills with hilarious mini-games with different game mechanics. Juego de plataformas y puzzles en el que se evita la violencia y se pone a prueba la habilidad y la mente de los jugadores.

    Project within the category of video games. It is set in a beautiful story of friendship between a boy who lives alone and his snowman. The fairy of the forest, sad about the loneliness of the child, decides to give life to the snowman so both can play always together. But the demons are jealous of the snowman and his friendship with the child, so they will try to revenge and destroy him. Platform and puzzle game in which violence is avoided and which will test the skill and mind of the players.

    A combination of a strategy and sports on line game for mobile devices. The basics are extremely simple: two teams, one ball. The team with the most goals at the end of the game is the winner. While they are there the radio starts talking about the weird invasion of some spheric beings.

    The player will take control of Lucas to try to stop that invasion and save humanity of these dangerous aliens: the Spheroids. A mysterious character is hit and awakes in a dark room with nothing but a computer. He will find out that he can use it to communicate with the exterior. We will embrace this link and help him to discover the truth and get out of that place. Juego de aventura y puzzle con un toque de minigolf. An adventure and puzzle game with a little of minigolf. It creates a steampunk atmosphere where you will have to solve puzzles by designing and shooting steamballs from your vehicle to create ramps, walls, activate triggers, blow things away, and more.

    You are a young engineer in his first day of work and take control of the Scarabeus, the greatest new steam-fuelled vehicle invention, while you try to survive inside a crumbling mine and also while you are looking for a way out. Exploration game in which you can pilot a spaceship through dreamlike environments full of secrets to be found.

    You can upgrade your technology to get through colossal enemies and towards new environments. With a very particular low-poly aesthetic and a control system based on wing flight, Stellar offers a different experience in the space simulation genre. An advanced civilization is forced to travel back in time to ensure their survival. But due an error in the calculations they travel to an even earlier era. This is an era of magic and superstition, inhabited by their very own ancestors.

    A conflict breaks out between both civilizations that lasts for generations. Until a third faction appears, a faction composed by hybrids that will end this war, by hook or by crook. Lo necesita para vivir. Third person action game in which you control an alien who has the ability to absorb DNA and its enemies abilities. The main character is a being from another planet that has been used to perform experiments. Those genetic experiments have made him addicted to other creatures DNA.

    He needs it to live. The protagonist manages to escape the lab but he still will have to escape from the labs. A classic action RPG where you take the role of Corine, a young girl from the 30th century that lives being a slave since an alien invasion took place on Earth. Thanks to her father, she will be able to travel back in time to prevent the invasion, but something will go wrong and she will find herself lost Endess runner de viajes en el tiempo.

    Independent video game about a child who receives a music player that allows him to travel through different times and places along history with each song. Unfortunately, during his first voyage to the Jurassic era, the player is damaged, making our hero jump from age to age randomly. The main mission of the game is to return Walkboy to his place of origin, which means to keep running to get as far as possible, but during his tour, Walkboy must be careful not to touch certain items, because if he does it, the history will be altered. Whizz ofrece dos modos de juego: single-player y partidas en grupo.

    A massive multiplayer trivia game for mobile platforms in real-time with a high social component and a TV show look. Whizz offers two game modes: single-player and group games. In the single-player mode you compete to be the best of your city, region, country or even at world level by answering questions of different categories. In the group games, you play with as many friends as you have, using attacks and powerups and providing the players with a very fun experience.

    Confront your friends and become the best wizard in this game, it is up to four players. The great Wizardry Tournament has begun! Only the best wizards have been invited and you are not among them. Cada oleada consiste en series de yokais y un jefe final. Y si no es suficientemente excitante, solo tienes un punto de vida, si mueres debes comenzar desde el principio. A fast paced 2D hack and slash. You have to control a skillful ninja four different playable characters with unique attack and special attack and defeat waves of enemies.

    Each wave consists of sets of yokais and a boss. The series has been carefully designed to create a satisfying game experience and are slightly different in each game.


    Also, there is a system that randomly generates skills levels which makes it even more fun. And if it is not enough exciting, the player has only one life point, if he dies he starts again from the beginning. Broadcast yourself, edit and publish videos, expand the amount of fans and turn yourself into a wealthy fellow! Abe es una gran observadora y se toma muy en serio el cuidado del planeta. Ella no es de las que se quedan de brazos cruzados… Hay tanto por hacer. Abe has lived almost more than half of her short life in a Capinuri tree with her biologists parents participating in a project to study the Amazon vault.

    TradeCardsOnline has been permanently shut down as of 1 July 12222.

    Now they have moved to a zoological reserve in Spain and travel a lot. Abe is a great observer and care a lot about the planet. She is not one of those who not lift a finger… There is so much to do. Y el reto fue felizmente conseguido. Tool for tablets and smartphones that collects all the information regarding the Endoscopy in humans field.

    It makes use of interactive 3D models that will give the user a better learning and specialization. The application includes a theoretical introduction to the endoscope, the connection of the handle with the distal end, explanation of ancillary equipment, and cleaning and maintenance protocol. It also presents an interactive 3D atlas of Endoscopic Anatomy, information about the preparation of the patient, and an interactive schema of the Esophagogastroduodenoscopy EGD along with the visualization of real videos.

    The app is completed with a simulator of the Endoscopy procedure, that consists of the exploration of a patient with random pathologies and the sample collecting process. Looping Wings started as a challenge of the developer team: to develop a video game in less than 5 days, including concepting, prototyping, game design, graphics, coding, music and uploading to the app stores Lleva a cabo emocionantes misiones: rescata a todos los animales del zoo, derrota a las malvadas abejas jefe, rescata todos los huevos.

    Carry out exciting missions: Rescue all the zoo animals, defeat the evil boss queen bees, rescue all the eggs. Use all your skills in an awesome puzzle match-3 type! Combine three or more identical animals to overcome the levels and rescue all animals, create and use fun powerups to help you beat the hunter. Quest to Aztlan is an RPG, adventure and strategy game in which you will lead your heroes to the lost city of Aztlan.

    You will have to recruit your own team of adventurers, get new weapons and items and face the powerful creatures that protect Aztlan to uncover its secrets. A frantic game about serving coffee in the outer space with drones to all kinds of creatures and aliens, using coffee shots in their heads! The game is a new hybrid mixing genres such as tower-defense and time management, where the multitasking ability and strategic management of tables will be key to have some happy customers.

    With retro aesthetics and beautiful pixel art, we will discover new planets and coffee-loving creatures while improving our barista skills. This game mix reflexes and role because the referees can influence the outcome of the matches, they can make bets, win coins and improve the chances of facing enemies, with cards, items and other skills. In this football matches will appear a variety of angry fans that will try to hit you and even zombie hordes will appear too!

    Complicado puzzle parecido al cubo de Rubik. Tienes que rellenar una matriz de 4x4 bloques del mismo color. Para ello debes tocar los bloques para invertirlos de color. Cuando tocas un bloque, su color y el color de los bloques paralelos y perpendiculares se invierten. En el juego nos ponemos en la piel de Mr. Complicated puzzle similar to Rubik cube. To do this you have to touch the tiles and invert its color. When you touch a tile its color and the color of the parallel and perpendicular tiles get inverted. Freeware game for Android devices that uses a 2D overhead view, the graphics have a casual look close to a comic toon style.

    The game mechanics are a mix of Space Invaders with Pachinko causing a direct and uncomplicated gameplay. Moving left, right and shoot will be enough commands to dive into the adventure. Wildebeest Revenge is composed of two danger-filled worlds with 16 levels each and a final showdown where we will find our real enemy, the hunter and tyrant Real Hunter and his seductive buddy in an uneven battle. Likewise, Augmented Reality reveals new points of view and lots of details of the project.

    The application created for this showing discovers us the creative process of two different publishing projects: Otra vuelta de tuerca and Snowhite. The videogame occurs in a place where we can take advantage of natural ancestral magic to fight for our survival against warlocks and other beings that are hiding in deepest forest.

    Action-adventure game set in a dystopian scifi-Cold War. But as the game progresses the atmosphere of paranoia raises. She no longer knows who she is, what is real and who is she working for. Hypnos will have a strong emphasis in mood and atmosphere. It is not a horror game. It is a game of exploration, paranoia and oniric experiences, that will enhance by the use of a VR Headset. Luz is a fairy-tale about Imogen, a rebellious teenager, and Ray, a nosey streak of light who appears in her bedroom while she sleeps.

    PicoPico, Pu y Mu son amigos, pero amigos de verdad. PicoPico, Pu and Mu are friends, best friends. They love adventures, they love games and jokes although they also love reading, learning and counting waves on the seashore. The sea is their starting point to the discover of thousands of fun far places and to solve great mysteries.

    Their game zone is a world full of fantastic, real and invented creatures. You will be able to see both, the exterior and interior, of a true Valencian cave. We will be adding content so you can interact like a true hunter and recolector from the Stone Age. They will challenge us to complete different tests of skill puzzles , as well as facing different enemies and overcoming fears that Sally has in the real world and that she also projects them into her imaginary world. Different gameplay levels which take place in the real world and are overlapped within the game, they explain what is happening and why Sally has become afraid of these things.

    Realiza tu reportaje, graba y sobrevive en primera persona junto a Susan y Dan a los inesperados peligros que aguardan en este cortometraje de aventuras virtual. Hayop Buto, a mechanical Koala, finds an inherited an obsidian magic stone that can read sacred texts recorded on other stones. His grandfather told him that the monoliths of obsidian are found in circular mazes, where go out is an almost impossible task.

    He was so curious that he began being young to study mechanisms and gears to solve all the traps of the labyrinth. And when he was ready, the adventure was launched After solving the first maze, he found a monolith, in which there is a text that takes him to the next monolith. During his travel, he meets Ysgyfarnog Kuruka, Ysgy for friends, the champion of the Olympic games of Rimus, and Rakkun Saldiri, smart but very angry sometimes, they will be partners in this adventure. Walk the streets of River Round in the skin of an authentic news camera.

    Make your story, record and first-person survive with Susan and Dan to unexpected dangers that await in this virtual adventures short film. Solo pon tu telefono en la Cardboard y a disfrutar. Tomorrow es una experiencia inmersiva que ilustra la historia del lenguaje, desde la era primitiva hasta el nuevo paradigma de la realidad virtual, una herramienta que trastoca completamente el mundo del storytelling tal y como lo conocemos. It is a virtual reality trip through space in our solar system, you have the possibility to travel to every planet in our system and learn from them as nobody have ever did before.

    Just take your phone and enjoy. Tomorrow is an immersive experience illustrating the history of storytelling, from the primitive age to the new paradigm of virtual reality and how it will affect the world of storytelling as we know it. When they arrive in Spain, in one of the stops they make, Aladinho is discovered and after a long conversation they propose Aladinho to stay in one of the houses that they visit, where a girl asked for a brother in her letter. Besides, the Three Wise Men offer a gift to Aladinho. A magic chest that can make him travel through space and discover Spain so that he can find the treasure that he wants.

    Aladinho accepts this proposal and he will be traveling throughout Spain with his new friend Martina and he will know the culture and traditions of Spain. But the most important thing, he will discover that the best treasure he can find and get is the friendship with her new friend. The application created for this showing discovers us the creative process of two different Publishing projects: The turn of the screw and Snowhite. But Chris is mainly just an orphan. Cheempo is based on a real chimpanzee with the same name who lives in Senegal, Africa, and is part of a conservation program of the Jane Goodall Institute, a global non-profit organization founded by Dr.

    Jane Goodall in , dedicated to protecting chimpanzees around the world with special emphasis on the Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Centre in Congo and Research and Conservation Projects in Senegal. Villa Colmillo es una aldea que vive con la constante amenaza de los lobos que habitan sus bosques. Can the most fearful and docile girl of the world survive against the most savage group of wolfs in the planet? The village of Villa Colmillo lives in constant fear of the wolves who inhabit its surrounding forests. In this tense situation, a murder is the spark which ignites the bitter fire of intolerance, blood lust and revenge; Paula must fight back in a ferocious way.

    Enter in our world and let your wild side acts! Two retired secret agents Kezzie and Maggie — old ladies who appear to be ordinary pensioners leading calm and peaceful lives. However, old habits die hard, and when it turns out they need to take care of their granddaughter they do it using methods they know best: oldschool super secret agent methods!

    Will they figure out how to breach the generation gap? Will they work together to teach a lesson to the Mustache Gang — three barbeque enthusiasts who lead a clumsy gangster life. Mami Fatale series presents unusual adventures of mild-mannered old lady, Mami Fatale, the best cook in the world, and her pets, Doggie and Piglet. These are the tasty tales for children, promoting healthy cooking and friendship. Guided by the Mironins, kids will travel literally to the interior of the world of the arts to discover its endless fascinating and infinite possibilities, while they develop their imagination skills.

    An ARPG game about a shopkeeper that dreams about being a hero. The two little monsters Hoho and Haha and their fun-loving pals Hehe, Hihi and Huhu, all of them want to be children best friends. But where can they learn how to do it? And who can teach them about all the things children like the best? Children, of course! En un inquietante mundo, una inesperada especie de criaturas, los Orkyns, tiene la clave del equilibrio.

    Vanda, una granjera sin miedo, debe liderar a un grupo de parias para dejar de lado sus diferencias y desbloquear los poderes especiales de los Orkyns por medio de sus propias fortalezas internas. Algo esencial para salvar al mundo del villano que es Tarc. In a troubled world an unexpected kind of creatures, the Orkyns, hold the key to right the balance. Vital if they are to save their world from the villain that is Tarc. Piccolino es una oruga que vive en una seta del bosque.

    Piccolino is a caterpillar that lives in a mushroom. One day he wakes up in the kitchen of a country house; through his eyes, everything looks giant and extraordinary. Each room reminds him of a song from the Italian, Spanish or English folk tradition. There are ten songs, each with its own visual and musical style, that uses domestic and natural materials.

    With a short film, a sensory theater film-concert, a book and some games, this project based on the artisan creation provides an opportunity for children to learn to develop their creativity, ceasing to be passive spectators. El libro tiene descripciones de las patentes de Tesla que representa los aparatos desaparecidos. Mientras tanto, la malvada villana Alva quiere el libro. The biggest mystery and trouble is that she is the only one who can see the change! She in fact discovers that her entire world is just a dream of an inventor Nikola Tesla. The book contain descriptions of Tesla patents that represents disappearing gadgets.

    To save the dream Ada has to go on a quest to collect sketches of forgotten inventions. In the meantime, evil baroness Alva wants to get her hands on the book. Alva is accompanied by automata - ordinary people she turned into machines … On a quest to save Tesla dream, two kids are actually on their mission to save the world Atenea, Diosa de la Guerra, es nombrada responsable de las masacres de la guerra troyana por los Dioses. Pierde sus poderes y la echan del Olimpo. Zeus la convierte entonces en agua. The project is conceived as an adaptation of the Illyad and the Odyssey by Homere.

    Athena, goddess of war, is held responsible by the Gods for the massacres of the Trojan war. She loses her powers and is banished from Olympus.

    Singles Tournament T9A, 3 Rounds, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 28th August

    Zeus then reduces her to water. The eight chapters of the game will lead the player to explore varied worlds, anchored in ancient mythology. A single mother, pushed beyond her limit by an overwhelming number of tasks and chores, falls into a coma after her consciousness is split from her body. What kind of friends do you have? More likely they are all humans. But one zoo guard became a friend with a python. He will come when you needed it most. While the woman enjoys life with her imaginary child the gap between her and her husband grows bigger.

    In a desert, a tribe survive with the little that land gives. With every sacrifice, God granted a farmer to go up in the kingdom where everyone expects to find a different life to which they have. Drowsiness washes over me during the afternoon class. My head gets heavier as I try to stay awake. Alan Brown uses divine powers of precognition to foresee the fate of mankind and breakfast. Night after night the ambitious Eduardo, assisted by the vertigosuffering Loet, performs daredevilish stunts in the circus. Un solo cerebro sin filtro, una historia de locura ordinaria que muestra como la soledad y la decadencia pueden estar ocultas en la mente de un genio.

    A brain solo without filter, a tale of ordinary madness, showing how much loneliness and decadence can be hidden inside a genius mind. The seclusive retirement home Afterglow is a depressing end station. Fortunately, feisty elderly Gerda has one spark of joy: the weekly Bingo night. When she is one blank short of winning the game and the tiny ball suddenly disappears Entre tanto, un hambriento buitre aguarda ante el inevitable final Note: This catalog is a preamble to a visit during which one will receive a detailed list of the objects Place of auction: Bains Les Bains.

    These texts have marked new research models for Peruvian art for their interdisciplinary perspective and rich collection of unknown paintings from cloistered lifeconvents, colonial temples all around the country or private collections. The word "transgression" - used in the title - reveals the Andean phenomenon of religious syncretism and acculturation. Christian art introduced by the missionaries to the Indians in Peru at the beginning of the Spanish conquest, did not flourished in a cultural void. On the contrary, the native artisans of the Viceroyalty - Indians, mestizos and Creoles - each from their own vindicating trench, used the iconography and Christian religious devotions as part of a symbolic vocabulary that had multiple cultural readings.

    So it was so, that in some paintings the caciques Indians are represented as the new protagonists of biblical salvation history. Author Mujica uses the social history of images - their theology and iconography - to show the continuities and cultural ruptures between the art of the Metropolis - Spain - and that of its distant overseas "province": the Viceroyalty of Peru that encompassed a territory that nowadays corresponds to ten South American countries.

    Throughout this vast geography, its creators rethink European art from their "new policies of symbolic representation". Thus, far from being the Viceroyalty a "middle ages" obscurantist between a utopian Inca Empire and independence, Mujica suggests that this was a historical period of great intellectual activity and artistic originality who reshaped Catholic Theology and visual art of the Counter-Reformation to forge religious and ethnic identity of the Indian and Peruvian Creole. This also reformulated in prophetic and transgressive way, the same basis for the emancipatory war of Peru.

    At the beginning of the independence in the 19th century, other artistic traditions will appear that, in turn, will transform the image of the new secular Republic: the art of the political cartoon - indebted even of symbolic Baroque repertoires -and traditional Andean folk art, which combines the heritage of the Viceregal artisans with the pre-Hispanic traditions and rituals still in present in the lives of the farmers and ranchers of the Andes. Mujica talks about this and more in a book that has took more than fifteen years of historical research.

    Includes bibliographical references. Volume two "The Idea of our Historic and Cultural Patrimony" comprises studies on the patrimonial aspects that frequently are studied separately, although part of the rich natural and historic heritage that makes Mexico unique: volcanoes and corn; pyramids and churches; the icon of the virgin in which many Mexicans deposit their faith and destiny, the mineral resources, oil, the loved places, the beaches and the haciendas.

    Avengers Cast Reads New Thanos Children's Book

    Only the first three of the 6 volumes have been published. La forge. The Espace de l'Art Concret, a contemporary art centre in the south of France and home to a national collection, is organizing an important exhibition of Belgian Constructivism. The exhibition will offer a broad view of the development of Belgian geometric art since the s, presenting works by contemporary artists who continue to explore paths forged by their predecessors. Exhibition: Centre d'art contemporain, Mouans-Sartoux, France Ironworks and iron monuments : study, conservation and adaptive use : symposium, Ironbridge, Industrial archaeology -- Congresses Ironwork -- Conservation and restoration -- Congresses Building, Iron and steel -- Conservation and restoration -- Congresses Industrial buildings -- Remodeling for other use -- Congresses.

    Gelatin silver prints -- France -- 20th century Installations exhibitions -- France -- 20th century Installations exhibitions -- United States -- 20th century Photocollages photographic compositions -- United States -- 20th century Photograph albums -- France -- 20th century Photographs, Original.

    In search of pre-classical antiquity : rediscovering ancient peoples in Mediterranean Europe 19th and 20th c. By focusing on how national imaginaries dealt with this topic and how history and archaeology relied on antiquity, this collection of essays introduces a comparative approach presenting several cases studies concerning many regions including Spain, Italy and Slovenia as well as Albania, Greece and Turkey.

    By adopting the perspective of a dialogue among all these Mediterranean political cultures, this book breaks significantly new ground, because it shifts attention on how Southern Europe nationalisms are an interconnected political and cultural experience, directly related to the intellectual examples of Northern Europe, but also developing its own particular trends. Orser, Jr. Beaudry, Lauren J. Cook, and Stephen A. Scott and Clyde Collins Snow -- Interpreting ideology in. Idea della machina da incendiarsi in Piazza Colonna la sera de' 27 luglio alla presenza di S. Giuseppe Vasi scul.

    The print depicts a fireworks display designed by the architect Pietro Camporese and commissioned by Prince Sigismondo Chigi, that was set alight on 27 July in Piazza Colonna, Rome, in honor of the visit of Archduke Maximilian of Austria Hand-colored in pink, turquoise, burgundy, violet, blue and red colors, the etching shows the temporary structure that represents Vulcan's forge, erected around the column of Marcus Aurelius.

    Aeneas, who represents the youngest son of Empress Maria Theresa, is shown being offered the armor forged by Vulcan. Temporary stands are erected along the perimeter of Piazza Colonna. Bartolomichi, Forms part of the Collection of festival prints, Special Collections accn. Idea della macchina da incendiarsi in Piazza Colonna la sera de' 27 luglio alla presenza di S. The print depicts the forge of Vulcan built around the Antonine column as a stage for fireworks display in honor of the Archduke Maximilian of Austria During his visit to Rome, he was the guest of the prince Sigismondo Chigi, whose palace faced the Piazza Colonna.

    In this reconstitution of Virgilian scenery, Vulcan offers arms and armor to the young Aeneas, who symbolizes the youngest son of the Empress Maria Theresa, whose bicephalous eagle decorates the column. Platforms erected on caryatids around the plaza are filled with nobility and trumpeters. The balconies and windows of the surrounding palaces are hung with draperies and full of spectators.

    The title is inscribed above the scene; to its left is the draftsman's signature "Pietro Camporese Architetto inv. Hotel Gondolin is a unique invitation to the South American trans world. This book portrays life in a boarding house where more than transvestites and transsexuals coexist in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires. The hotel, whose history of struggle was forged in the 's is now a refuge for dozens of transvestites and transsexuals who come to the capital of Argentina. It is home.

    Limited ed. Cuestiones previas -- Album de fotos. Text in Spanish and French. Added t. Plates signed "Francisco Seix, editor. Parochieregisters en Registers Burgerlijke Stand. Provincie Luxemburg arr. Marche en kanton Saint-Hubert. Parochieregister Parochie register Les archives de l'Etat en Belgique. Registres paroissiaux et Registres d'Etat civil. Province du Luxembourg arr. Niet alleen de technische infrastructuur maar ook de zoekmogelijkheden en de presentatie worden aangepast. De website van het Rijksarchief maakt meer dan 15 miljoen pagina's genealogische bronnen parochieregisters en burgerlijke stand gratis toegankelijk.

    Bijna De digitalisering van de registers van de burgerlijke stand is nog niet afgerond. Naarmate de digitale beelden verwerkt zijn, worden ze toegevoegd op de website. Waar tienjaarlijkse tafels beschikbaar zijn, werden die ook ingescand. Provincie Henegouwen arr. Charleroi, Bergen. Province du Hainaut arr. Charleroi, Mons. Michaux, Henri, -- Criticism and interpretation Authors as artists -- Belgium Visual perception in art. Includes: "The dossier on 'The Studio' by Courbet," p. Includes indexes. Bibliography: p. Goudji parle de sa technique -- Les pierres -- Les outils et la forge -- 5.

    Following independence from Spain, the National Museum of Mexico was founded in by presidential decree. Nationhood meant cultural as well as political independence, and the museum was expected to become a repository of national objects whose stories would provide the nation with an identity and teach its people to become citizens.

    Miruna Achim reconstructs the early years of the museum as an emerging object shaped by the logic and goals of historical actors who soon found themselves debating the origin of American civilizations, the nature of the American races, and the rightful ownership of antiquities. Achim also brings to life an array of fascinating characters--antiquarians, naturalists, artists, commercial agents, bureaucrats, diplomats, priests, customs officers, local guides, and academics on both sides of the Atlantic--who make visible the rifts and tensions intrinsic to the making of the Mexican nation and its cultural politics in the country's postcolonial era.

    Frans Floris de Vriendt radically transformed Netherlandish art. His monumental mythologies introduced a new appreciation for the heroic nude to the Low Countries and his religious art challenged standards of decorum. Born into a family of sculptors and architects, Floris refashioned his art through travel, first studying with the humanist painter Lambert Lombard in Liege and then continuing on to Italy. These experiences defined the hybridizing novelty of his art, forged by juxtaposing antique and modern, Italian and Northern sources.

    This book maps Floris's hybrid style onto shifting conceptions of cultural, religious, and political identity on the eve of the Dutch Revolt. It explores his collaborations and rivalries, engagement with artistic theory, hierarchical workshop, and revolutionary use of print. Floris, Frans, or -- Criticism and interpretation Floris, Frans, or Accompanies the exhibition held at Versailles from May 14th until 12 August Fortune, Image 1. Orley, Bernart van Netherlandish before - Flanders, ca. Tapestry Dimensions: H 4. This panel belongs to a set of 9 tapestries, entitled "Los Honores", whose execution may have been motivated by the election of Emperor Charles V of Spain in , resulting in his coronation in the Palatine Chapel in Aachen on October 23, Delmarcel, Los Honores , , no.

    I , , series 8, no. Fortune, c. Digital images courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program. Issued in box. Includes bibliographical references p. Volume I. Starting Over? Volume II. Parte III. The Duveen Brothers firm was an influential art dealer from the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century based in London, Paris, and New York. With Joseph Duveen at the helm and the assistance of art experts, most notably Bernard Berenson , Duveen Brothers played a prominent role in the transfer of old master paintings, antique furnishings, and objets d'art from Europe to the United States.

    The series consists of correspondence related to offers, purchases, and sales of artworks. It includes interoffice correspondence between the Duveen branches, correspondence with scouts, other dealers, owners, experts, and in some cases, collectors. For further correspondence with collectors, see Series II.